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Awaken Anew (a poem)

I’ve decided to share

a new poem I was recently inspired to write. I hope you enjoy it.

Awaken Anew

For more of my work, please feel free to check out my poetry books and other publications.

What exactly makes something artistic?

What is art?

On the surface, it is a simple question. However, this simple question often receives a number of complex answers.

Sure, you can go to any dictionary for some sort of answer. However, even there you are likely to come up with several different definitions.

Does the amount of time put in or effort involved determine whether something is or is not art? A few other questions we can ask ourselves include:

Is it art if it involves creativity or imagination?

Does how it make you feel determine whether or not it is art?

Is the idea of self-expression essential to qualify something as art?

All in all, the questions and answers are seemingly endless. Perhaps it is much like the concept of beauty. As it has been said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe it’s just that simple – what is art is up to the individual and can be just as unique as each and every person.

July Sulfur (A Poem)

Ah, the smell of sulfur

Fills the hazy air

This breezy July night

And sets my thoughts in motion

To ages long gone by


This burning fuel of beauty

And blasts of brilliant rays

Is far beyond the predecessors

That dealt in gunpowder

And bullet induced flames


So once there was a struggle

That from time to time renews

But such July evenings

Hold everything

Our passion

Our life

Our truth


A selection from the book “Shadows and Shade” by Pittsburgh writer Jason Greiner.

Creative Dreamers Photo Contest Week 2 Winner

There where several great submissions to our second week of the Creative Dreamers Photography Contest.

This past week, the theme of Nature and Wildlife inspired some wonderful shots from both amateurs and seasoned veterans of the art of photography.

Without further ado, I give you the winning entry for the week of June 17-23:

Turtle” – submitted by Kevin Yacker of Yacker Photography

Congrats on the free publicity for the win and your own personal edition of the “Making Beautiful Photography” e-book of photography tips by Jason Greiner.

Keep those submissions coming for next week’s contest with the theme being People and portraits.

Results (or more accurately non-results) of the first week of our photo contest

Much to my surprise…

and a little to my dismay as well, there where no entries into the first week of the Creative Dreamers Photo Contest. This being the case, there is obviously no winner to announce.

I’m hoping things will chance this week with the theme of the contest being “Nature and Wildlife.”

If you’re so inclined, please enter for your chance to win the Deluxe version of my E-Book “Making Beautiful Photography: A Guide for the Novice and the Enthusiast” which even comes with several awesome video tutorials.

Good luck to all who choose to enter and I look forward to seeing the work of some very talented photographers.

Shades of Gray (a poem)

A short but though provoking poem I recently wrote…

Life isn’t black and white
But various shades of gray
And anyone who does not realize this
Has never truly lived a day

What inspires you?

One thing any type of artist absolutely needs is something to inspire them.

Whether you work in the visual arts with photography, painting or some other medium, you need a subjects to bring to life.

If you write, you need a story or topic to approach and develop.

If you’re a musician or performing artist, you need a message and perhaps an audience.

Whatever the case may be, every artist needs his or her muse if you will.

So, what inspires you?

Winner of the Photo Caption Contest

First off, I just want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in my photo caption contest. Some of the caption ideas each of you came up with where really inventive and showcase just how talented all of you are.

With that being said, there can be only one winner and chosing that winner was anything but easy.

The winner is:


Winning caption:

“Cuteness of a Sad Carnival” (Photo 3) which can be seen here:

Photo Caption Contest (Part 3)


Please send a message to to claim your prizes.

A few words about “originality” in art

There is so much emphasis on originality in the art world today.

Whether your medium is photography, literature, film, sculpture, dance or whatever else may be the case, originality is something that we constantly stress. Even in the cyberspace, Google emphasizes the importance of “original” content in raking well on search engines.

However, if you stop and think about it, over the course of human history there have been billions of people. Many of these people where artistically inclined or creative minded individuals. Coupling that with the tens of thousands of years worth of inspiration out there since the dawn of civilization, it is hard to believe that anyone today can come up with a truly original concept.

In fact, someone notable once said something along the lines of – “There are no original ideas, only new approaches to old ones.” While I don’t believe this is 100% true, I do think it is reasonably accurate. In some cases new technology and discoveries come along that can allow for some originality. But for the most part, the person who spoke these words was dead on.

For example, as one of who knows how many photographers in Pittsburgh PA over the course of the last 100+ years, I can tell you that the city’s amazing skyline has been shot gazillions of times. So while the subject itself can never be original (except for the very first person who photographer it of course), the angels used, colors in the sky itself and any number so f other factors can allow you to put your own spin on it.

This is the case with every art form out there today.

So as a word of advice, stop struggling for something totally original. Find your inspiration and make it your own.

Introducing aspiring writer Lauren Elizabeth

Personal Profile

Here’s a  little self-written spinet from a talented young fiction writer I recently had the pleasure of meeting in cyberspace:

I was the quiet girl in the back who read books, that’s all people knew me as. Now I’m the girl who writes young adult books and reads them.

Being still only 17 years old, I enjoy books more than anything, but then a couple years ago I decided I could write my own books. So little by little I wrote my first book, and now I am getting ready to start the publishing process this coming June.

Being a young adult writer can be and is difficult, nobody knows you. You’ve been pushed back in the corner again, and you have to learn how to fight your way to the front. Mainly by promoting, I started with a blog, then a twitter, facebook page, etc. I am trying to build my platform, piece by piece. This can hard when your still in high school and don’t have connections.

I am following my dream to become a published author at the age of 17, don’t give up on your dreams.

As I mention above I am a 17 year old female in high school who enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, and sports. I have a busy life but I still manage to have time to write and spend time with my two cats. Check out my blog at:

Shoot for the stars!

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