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Great sources for free media content

A little while back I wrote about the ethical use of content from the web. Keeping with that theme, I figured I would share a few great sources of quality content with the reads of the blog.

Most people have probably heard of the classifications “royalty free” and “public domain.” But, there’s a newer licencing category out there that often ends up offering newer content and with few or no restrictions at all. It’s called “Creative Commons.” And if you’ve never heard of it, you should really check into this.

So, without any further ado, here are the sources I mentioned above:

Search Creative Commons

Search CC

Let’s CC

Let's CC


Photos of one of nature’s great wonders

One of my favorite types of photography…

is that in which the shooter captures the beauty of nature.

In my own personal opinion, I really enjoy shooting bodies of water. Whether it is a vast Ocean or something as small as a little creek, there’s something majestic about flowing water. So this past weekend when I had the chance to take some photos at arguably one of the most amazing natural scenes in the world, I jumped at the chance to do so. That location was Niagara Falls.

The following photos are a few that I took from the American side of the falls in New York. I hope you enjoy them.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls flowing waterfall

The beautiful Niagara Falls

How to sell your prints without investing any money in supplies

For any of you artists out there…

if you work with visual art forms like I do, you probably understand that one of the biggest factors in trying to make an income out of your work is the cost of the materials and supplies involved in developing your final product.

Many of us are on a budget and in a lot of cases it might be difficult to afford putting something together for a prospective art buyer.  But there is a solution for the financially impaired, that’s is if you’re willing to make a few sacrifices.

While this only applies to those whose work can be sold as prints, it’s still a great concept. I’m sure there are other sources out there but the one I’ll use for example here is the website Deviantart.

Basically, the way this site works (and probably others as well) is that you upload photos to your account and list them as being available for sale. How it differs from many of the other sites is that instead of you printing, packaging and shipping your work, the site takes care of everything. The catch – you only get about 20% of the sale price.

It’s an interesting option that you can weigh the pros and cons of for yourself.

sell prints for free

The eclectic wood workings of artist Cylde Jones

Bynum, North Carolina is a small town

in fact, that’s probably an understatement. The community consists of only a couple of roads and no more than a few hundred residents.  But among its charming rural appeal, there is one resident who has drawn audiences from across the globe to see his colorful wood work. His name is Clyde Jones and he is a local legend. In fact, each and every year, the community holds and event called “ClydeFest” as a carnival and folk art festival of sorts based around his work.

It just so happens that last year, my brother purchased a home in Bynum. And for the first time a bit more than a week ago, I got the opportunity to see the notorious home of this folk artist first hand. It was something to see. Here are a few photos that will give you an idea of what this guy is all about.


Clyde Jones home Bynum NC

Clyde's Critters

Clyde Jones

Oh, and just in case you might be wondering, you can’t purchase Clyde’s work. He doesn’t sell it. The only way to get one of his pieces is for him to gift it to you. And his only stipulation – you have to light the critter up in your yard.

New photos for my website are up now!

A little while back, I had asked for opinion and ideas form readers of the Creative Dreamers blog to help to determine the new photos to be featured on my arts services and photography website homepage. See post entitled: Help choose the new photos for my website.

Well, the deed is now done and three new photos have been added to replace a few of the older ones. I know I had initially said that six new images would be added but due to some technical issues that are a bit out of my area of expertise, I ended up only going with three.

Here’s a screenshot from the new front page:

front page

Thanks for your feedback.

Three ways to bring out the color in your photos

As a photographer, I know that a lot of people are looking for ways to bring out the color in their shots to make their digital photos pop. Here are a few tips along with sample shots.

Making color pop

1. Make use of the saturation effect

- Use your photo editing software’s saturation tools to increase the saturation for more vivid colors. Be careful not to go overboard though.

saturation effect in peacock

2. Utilize the dodge/burn tool

- Most likely, your chosen editing software will allow you to either burn (darken) or dodge (lighten) specific areas of your photo. This can really help with bringing out the color in skies and nature scenes as well as washed out clothing or body art.

3. Go with a spot color effect

- Here, you take out the color in a photo and essentially make it black and white with the exception of the area in which you want to showcase a specific color. This takes a little work but is well worth it. My e-book “Making Beauty Photography” has a deluxe edition with links to video tutorial on several of these techniques.

purple hair spot color

The multi-talented Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is well known…

for his long career in the music industry. After all, he’s been pumping out pop and rock tunes since the 1980s. But, considerably less people probably know about his other artistic talent.

This November, Adams released the book “Exposed,” a collection of his work behind the camera as a photographer. I myself just heard about it today and decided to do a little research. As it turns out, this musician is quite the double threat.

Bryan Adams photography book

Check out some samples of his work below:

Lindsey Lohan by Bryan Adams

Lindsey Lohan

Ben Kingsley by Brian Adams

Ben Kingsley

Lana Del Ray by Brian Adams

Lana Del Rey

I usually avoid flash in photography but…

While in most cases, the use of flash in photography is actually unnecessary at  best and possibly even destructive at worst. Pop-up flashes often result in harsh and unflattering shadows or a blown out, over exposed shot. And while it is harder to make this sort of mistake with strobe lighting units, some people overuse these as well. One such example would be taking them along for mid-day outdoor shoots.

But on occasion, using flash can be just what is needed to get the desired effect.

One such example, intentional and artistic shadowing.

Here are two simple and interesting ways to pull off this approach.

1. Place the subject of the shot close to the background -

The closer the two are, the easier it becomes to produce intended harsh but artistic shadows.

shadow of a skateboarder

2. Go projector-style -

Place an object that can cast a shadow in front of the flash unit and shoot away.

shadows in fashion photo

Have fun!

Halloween themed photo contest

Halloween is right around the corner

It has become the second biggest commercial holiday in America and can be a blast for both adults and children alike. Considering my own personal affinity for this holiday, I figured this might be a good time to run another quickie Creative Dreamers contest.

halloween house


Submit you photos (each person can submit up to five different ones) to me at

All images should be Halloween themed and your own original work.

You will retain all rights to the images you submit.

Deadline for entries is October 28.

All photos will be displayed on our blog and the winner will be chosen based on reader votes.


Featured post about you and/or your website on this blog along with free promotion of your work via Twitter, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest,, and Weheartit.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

Senior photos are getting a makeover

Senior photos used to be all pretty uniform

Maybe something like this for example:

- Blue or grey molted backdrop

- Fairly formal attire

- Vertical images from the shoulder up

Sure shots like this can be nice but then again they can also be boring. They rarely offer the opportunity for students to showcase their unique personalities. Perhaps that is why in recent years, schools have begun to allow more flexibility in what they will publish in yearbooks.

To date, I have shot senior portrait photos for students from four different school districts. And each district had a very different set of requirements. But I really do think the trend seems to be moving toward a less rigid and more creative style for senior photos.

Here are a few samples of my work below:

senior photo in park

creative senior pictures

high school class photo

yearbook photo

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