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Finding out about fan fiction

Fan fiction

has been around for several years now. And while I had a basic idea of what the concept was all about, I never really bothered to look into it until recently. A friend of the family gave me a few more specific details of what is involved in this fan-driven form of literature.

Imagine reading your favorite science fiction book, or watching a classic super hero movie and having some actual control over the thoughts, actions and just about everything to do with the characters. This is the essence of fan fiction.

The control over one’s favorite characters combined with the ability to express one’s own creativity has made this form of writing a rapidly growing success.  Essentially, everything is possible!

Personally, as a fan of the television series “Revolution,” I am looking forward to checking out what people have written about this futuristic and somewhat post-apocalyptic show. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll even write some for myself.

Revolution show

American Idol 2013 Finale recap

Last night, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison fought it out as the last two contestants on this year’s edition of American Idol. And in all honesty, I missed the show and caught up with the performances after the fact. However, I suppose that might actually be a good thing because the judges didn’t have the possible ability to influence my take on each performance. Not that they usually do but this makes the whole thing even more pure in nature.

Candice Glover and Kree Harrision American Idol Finalists

Candice Glover and Kree Harrision, American Idol Finalists

Here’s how I rank last night’s first performances:

1. Candice (Tie) - It started off slow but she did well in the chorus. Not bad.

1. Kree (Tie) - Slow and simple adding her own country twist good but not great.

Last night’s second performances:

1. Kree - Good tone, nice vocals, got to show off her range a bit, right in her wheelhouse.

2. Candice - Nice inflection in her voice. Strong and emotional, well done.

Last night’s third performances: 

1. Candice - Showed off her amazing range in a touching and incredible performance.

2. Kree - Smooth flowing vocals and a beautiful sound overall. Amazing final note at the end.

Final thoughts:

Neither of the first performances was all that great. And that being the case, I’d have to call that round a tie. With each additional round, the performances got progressively better. Kree most likely took the second round with a song that just fit her better and a quality showing throughout.  While Kree’s third and final song was outstanding and would have likely been the best of the night on most nights, the fact that Candice gave a second performance of her best song of the season won her the round.

Being that Candice went second in each round, I would have to say she has a bit of an advantage. This is especially true when it comes to her closing song. However, with the shocking elimination of Angie last week, if either contestant is likely to pick up her fans it would be Kree. Going into the night, I thought it would be an anti-climactic finish with the newest winner being Candice. However, I’m not so sure that it won’t be a lot close than people expect. Who knows what might happen.

American Idol Top 4 week recap (redux)

After the surprise non-elimination last week, American Idol fans find ourselves in an interesting situation. How much will this week’s votes adjust the results from last week? Will there be a different bottom two than the first go around? Will the elimination be a surprise? We’ll just have to wait to find out. But in the meantime, here’s what I think of last night’s show in combination with the week before.

Kree on American Idol Top 4

Kree Harrison singing “Stormy weather” Courtesy of

Performances: Here’s how I rank last night’s first performances:

1. Kree

2. Candice

3. Angie

4. Amber

Last night’s second performances:

1. Candice

2. Kree

3. Angie

4. Amber

Week overall (with brief commentary):

1. Kree – Her first song was smooth and meaningful with a heartfelt tone. In the second one she projected a cool, classic feel and it was very good overall.

2. Candice - Unusual song choice in the first round but the vocals worked out well. She gave a cool throwback vibe in round two for a very strong performance. 

3. Angie – Her first performance was hauntingly beautiful and simple yet powerful. She followed it up with something sweet and simple for a job well done.

4. Amber – The first song was nice in the softer parts but she struggled with the power notes. The second song had nice vocals with only a few misses but it was a bit boring.

Final thoughts on past two weeks:

While Angie seemed to fall off just a bit this week, her talent is so amazing that it might not matter in the end. Amber surely benefited the most from last week’s non-elimination. However, it seems that it might not be enough. I really think Kree has stepped up her game over the last few weeks and with the likely added support of Janelle fans, she could be in great shape at this point. While Candice had a rough week last week, she came back strong last night and  might have brought herself out of the bottom two. All in all though, I don’t expect too much variation in the results from last week. But then again, who knows what could happen. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

American Idol top 4 week recap

So for the first time in the history of American Idol, we have an all-girl Top 4. And rightly so I believe. While each of the ladies continues to try to step up her game, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

Angie Miller American Top Top 4

Angie Miller singing “Who Are You” courtesy of

Here’s how I rank last night’s first performances:

1. Angie

2. Amber

3. Kree

4. Candice

Last night’s second performances:

1. Angie

2. Candice

3. Kree

4. Amber

Last night’s duets:

1. Angie and Candice

2. Amber and Kree

Overall (with brief commentary):

1. Angie – Wonderful tone and so much raw emotion in the first song. Her second was soft and slow and while not the best song, she’s so good it didn’t even matter. Angie outshined Candice a bit in their duet with her incredible range.

2. Kree – Her first song showcased a bluesy confidence and good vocals. Her second song was sort of beautiful in its simplicity. The duet was lively and catchy and more suited to Kree than is was to Amber.

3. Candice – The first song was soulful and smooth. The second featured good vocals but she didn’t show off her range or power. She brought both the power and soul in the duet.

4. Amber - Her first song was an amazing vocal performance with a confident vibe. The second song was a bad choice even with decent singing. She did OK in the duet but was the weaker of the two singers.

Final thoughts:

The first round of songs as a whole was better than the second. It didn’t take much for Angie to take the second round considering the rest of the performances where just OK.  That’s just one of the reasons she took the night, again. For the first time, Candice looks a bit vulnerable. I figure she was pretty much even with Kree last night but it is quite possible (but not a sure thing) that Kree may get a boost in her voting base now that the other “country girl,” Janelle, is gone. Amber seems to have come on a lot lately and her first performance was great. But it looks more and more like she doesn’t quite match up with the rest of the girls. It could be a shocker tonight as that history says that if often is. But no matter what happens, it should be interesting.

American Idol Top 5 week recap

Now that we’re down to an all-girl top 5 on American Idol, things are getting really interesting. All in all the singers did very well last night with a few issues regarding song choice and arrangement mixed in. but in general, the competition is really heating up and it seems like each and every contestant is stepping up her game.

Angie Miller singing “I’ll Stand By You” Photo courtesy of and Michael Becker of FOX

Here’s how I rank last night’s first performances:

1. Angie

2. Kree

3. Candice

4. Amber

5. Janelle

Last night’s second performances:

1. Angie

2. Amber

3. Kree

4. Candice

5. Janelle

Overall (with brief commentary):

1. Angie – She made a great song choice for both rounds. The first was heartfelt, emotional and flat out outstanding. The second was right on the money, so powerful and beautiful.

2. Kree – Her smooth, engaging voice and wonderful tone allowed for a pretty good first performance. However, the second really showed off her range and was well done.

3. Amber – The first song was in her wheelhouse, a bit soft but good in the higher parts. The second was classy and simple with and was beautifully subtle.

4. Candice – The first song was done a bit too slow. It was good but not her best. The second was good but didn’t show off her range until the end.

5. Janelle – The first song was classic country. It was simple but not bad overall. The second was more upbeat and came across as a fun, catchy tune. It worked out well. 

Final thoughts:

While there were some memorable performances last night, some of the ladies didn’t make the greatest song choices. This was especially true of the firth round of songs. Angie has always been among the top contenders but she more that redeemed herself after a bit of a drop off last week. Conversely, Candice made a bad arrangement choice in her first song and didn’t really play to her biggest strengths. She’ll still be around after tonight but she has shown her vulnerability. Going into the night, the bottom spot was likely to be a battle between Amber and Janelle. But last night, Amber’s second performance probably saved her and then some. We’ll see how thing play out tonight.

American Idol Top 6 week recap

Well, we’re down to the top six and the competition on American Idol is getting very tight. Unfortunately, for some reason the theme this week wasn’t great.  The first round of songs where quite limiting but at least the second round allowed for a little more flexibility. I was also a bit disappointed that virtually none of the contestants took the chance to think outside the box in the first round to make major changes to the arrangements and possibly make the songs their own. With all that being said, it is what it is and some singers still shined while others struggled.

Candice Glover American Idol

Candice Glover sings “Lovesong” courtesy on

Here’s how i rank last night’s first performances:

1. Candice

2. Kree

3. Amber

4. Angie

5. Janelle

6. Lazaro

Last night’s second performances:

1. Candice

2. Angie

3. Kree

4. Janelle

5. Amber

6. Lazaro

Overall (with brief commentary):

1. Candice – She had good inflection on her first song but didn’t really get going until she hit the power notes and from then on she crushed it. Her second song really played to her strengths. It was powerful, pure and beautiful.

2. Kree - Her first song was sweet and bluesy in parts with a strong vocal. The second one was classic country that came across as pure, raw and very, very good.

3. Angie - She has a nice flow and good tone in her first song but it was a bit slow and old fashioned. This amazing singer redeemed herself several times over with her time at the piano singing a powerful, emotional and awesome second performance.

4. Janelle - In the first song, she came across as highly confident but did have a few trouble spots. Her second song was a great choice. It was right on the money and very good overall.

5. Amber - She started off smooth and upbeat in her first song for a very good performance. Her second song had a rough start. She did better in the chorus. It was pretty good but not great.

6. Lazaro - He started off with a classy, simple song but the vocals were off and way too soft. In his second song, the vocals continued to be off until he hit the high parts. He didn’t have a very good night.

Final thoughts:

It could very easily be a clean sweep for the ladies as Lazaro should be on his way out tonight. However, I do believe that the judges still have time to use the save and would likely do so if any of the ladies finds themselves in the bottom spot.

American Idol Top 7 week recap

Every year I look forward to rock week on American Idol. You never know how things might turn out. For some contestants, rock is certainly in their wheelhouse. For others, not so much. But all in all, it’s always interesting and entertaining.

Angie Miller American idol roock week

Angie Miller singing “Bring Me To Life” during the Top 8 week on American Idol. Photo Courtesy of

Here’s how I rank last night’s performances:

1. Angie - Perfect song choice, great fit for her. The singing was amazing and she continues to improve each and every week.

2. Amber - She shocked me last night. She showed off some excellent vocals and was really dead on. Almost definitely her best showing yet.

3. Candice - Powerful as always. This song was also a perfect fit. It seems like she can sing any genre.

4. Kree - Good song choice. Her power vocals and country sound meshed well with the rock style of Janis Joplin.

5. Lazaro - He also pleasantly surprised me. It was a tough song to sing but he got off to a good start and maintained that momentum throughout.

6. Janelle - Another good song choice. It was a nice vocal overall and brought out the fun and confidence in her.

7. Brunell - Good song but he was way out of his comfort zone. Not good but it could have been way worse.

Group Performances:

1. Amber, Janelle and Kree - Simple and not flashy but not too bad overall.

2. Angie and Lazaro - Interesting pairing. I sort of expected a disaster but it turned out to be sort of OK.

3. Burnell and Candice - Candice did well with her bluesy, soulful side and Burnell was rather awkward when they sang the solo parts. It was really bad when they sang together.

Final thoughts:

Once again the ladies dominated the night. While I still find it hard to believe that all the guys will leave before a single girl, in all honesty that is probably what should happen. Before last night, I would have thought the girl in the most jeopardy would be Amber. And based on her entire body of work, that probably still holds true. But, based on last night alone, that certainly would not be the case.

All in all, the solo performances worked out well. The group ones are a different story. None of those came across as particularly impressive.

With only a few more weeks that the save is in play, I’m about 90% sure that the judges may use it tonight. I’m almost certain they will save any girl if one somehow happens to be at the bottom. They may also possibly save a guy if one lands in the bottom so as to keep the gender balance at least somewhat even.

American Idol Top 9 week recap

Before I begin this post, in the spirit of full disclosure, I missed the first two performances by Kree and Burnell. That being the case, I was only able to judge their showings by the brief snippet during the recap at the end of the show. That being the case, rating order could have potentially been slightly different had I seen the entire thing. However, I still think this is probably pretty accurate overall.

Angie Miller American Idol

Here’s how I rank last night’s performances:

1. Angie – She looked great. I love that song. And as a pure singer, she’s fantastic.

2. Candice – Awesome song for her. It really showed off both her vocal power and personality.

3. Janelle -  She made a very good song choice and performed it with in a beautifully simple, subtle way. Very good job overall.

4. Kree – While I only saw the recap snippet, she sounded good and seemingly made a good choice of song.

5. Paul - One of his best yet. It was a good fit for him and I enjoyed seeing a slightly edgier side of Paul.

6. Devin -  Very smooth sound, nice tone. He did well overall.

7. Burnell - I didn’t see much nut from what I did he seemed a bit off.

8. Amber - The vocals came across nicely but the whole thing was kind of boring.

9. Lazaro - He has a great voice but the song didn’t fit and the music was distracting.

Final thoughts:

It seems that the voting public continued to remain constant last week and ultimate made what I feel was the right choice in sending Curtis home. It will be interesting to see what happens this week. I’m a huge fan of Lazaro and his inspirational story but he has been struggling as of late and I fear that he might be the one on the way home after tonight’s results show. I would assume the Top 4 I listed above should be safe but as for the rest, anything could happen.

American Idol “Sudden Death” round 2

Better late than never…

The second sudden death show took place Thursday night. This time, it was the guy’s turn. The judges chose the following men to move on to the round in which the fans will be the deciding factor:

Elijah Liu

Paul Jolley

Charlie Askew

Devin Velez

Curtis Finch

Charlie Askew American Idol


Unlike with the ladies in the first sudden death show, the guys didn’t really impress me all that much. That being the case, for the most part, it seemed like the judges probably had an easier time choosing between who to send through and who to send home.

The big winner of the nice, in my opinion, was young Charlie Askew. The talented  Elijah Liu came across strong as well. I’m really not that big on Curtis Finch at all and I think Devin Velez is a bit over rated too. Paul Jolley seems to fit somewhere in the middle.

American Idol “Sudden Death” round 1

This year, American Idol is trying yet another new tactic to draw in audiences – the “sudden death” rounds.

Here’s how it works…

Of the remaining 20 male and 20 female contestants, the judges are having groups of 10 perform battle things out for the next four shows. For each of those 10, on five will survive the cut and five will go home that same night. Needless to say, this equals lots of drama and the potential for a lot of shockers.

The first such show took place last night. And all in all, I think the judges did a pretty good job. They chose the following ladies to move on to the round in which the fans will be the deciding factor:

Teena Torres

Adriana Latonio

Kree Harrison

Angela Miller

Amber Holcomb

Angela Miller American Idol

My thoughts:

All in all, the judges made a pretty good call. Angela Miller and Kree Harrison where basically a lock for one of the top five slots. Adriana Latonio was a fairly safe bet as well. However, Teena Torres was something of a surprise. In my opinion, it is doubtful that she should have made it through at the expense of Isabelle going home. Another one that could have been in the mix was Shubha Vedula. But of course, when only five spots are open, sadly some talented people will have to be left out.

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