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Each month we are trying to feature a model who won the top set on a cool alt modeling website. Last month it was Kitten and we congratulate this young lady on her accomplishment.


Art in video

If I recall correctly, we only did this one year in grade-school English class. And it was indeed useless. Why would I say this? It was ultimately about putting something into a structural pattern rather than actually understanding the concept itself.

If a student learns the names of the parts of speech but really doesn’t get how to use them in practice, it’s as pointless as people who know that a discounted item at a store is a good deal but can’t figure out how much they will save.

In my opinion, the best way to learn is by using words and sentences in real-world situations.

If you have a friend or family member who is an artist and are looking for the perfect present for them this Christmas and holiday season, you might be having a tough time. After all, it can be hard buying for creative-minded individuals. But, I have found something that may just be exactly what you need.

If the artist you know uses people as subjects or is planning to try to start to do this, some sort of posing resource can be ideal. That’s where the books (available in both print and electronic formats) at Posemuse will do the job and more. With everything from sitting positions to poses for fight scenes, the site has a complete series of guides that can help in nearly any scenario.


After all, it is that time of year.

I came up with the idea and gave it a go and here’s what I ended up with as the final product.

Shameless plug, I’m selling these if you’re interested.

Handmade, original and unique, featuring a clear plastic construction so they aren’t going to be shattering or breaking easily. I do 3 or less color options for them. Each includes a one of a kind Jackson Pollock style (Action Painting a form of Abstract Impressionism) design that can be anything from the colors of your favorite sports team to a nation’s flag or business logo.

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