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Simplicity Gone (A Poem)

I don’t know what to make
Of these ever evolving days
Too much, too fast, too easy
Simplicity gone and broken

It doesn’t feel right
Like there is no place
That may ever fit again
No time of our own

Could the stars move backwards?
Or the at least stay still?
At least that would ease the ache
Of missing what once was

When we think of the visual arts, we tend to be taking about painting, photography and that sort of thing. We often overlook just how much can be done with lettering. Calligraphy and artistically driven writing have been done for centuries. I tried it in high school, it wasn’t easy. But I recently found this talented person who not only writes with a special visual approach but also specializes in ambigrams.

If you are not familiar, ambigrams are words that can be flipped over and still read the same way. And while you might not think this could be done with very name words, this artist does it with names.

See the sample at the bottom of this post and the official video channel at –

One of the biggest issues I find with any recording I do for videos like my tutorials on things like photo editing, graphic design and more include background noise and distortion in audio. If you find yourself having a similar problem with audio files, you could drive yourself bonkers trying to find a good tool to fix the problem. Either they are expensive, require large application downloads or have some other drawback that makes them less that ideal.

I recently found a website that fixes the issue with a single click, for free, with no software download needed. It’s called Aspose. While it also offers features like splitting and text to speech, I can assure you the audio noise reducer does a great job. I tested it out with a file while speaking with a bathroom exhaust fan blowing in the background. It worked great. Depending on the length of your file, it can be completed in a matter of seconds and lets you save the result in one of 10 formats including the major ones like .MP3 and .WAV.

Check it our for yourself.

Hello 2023!

With 2022 behind us, I look forward to 2023 and all the creative possibilities. I would have liked to close out the year with a couple of more posts but sadly I had the Covid monster infiltrate my household so I had other things to deal with and focus on. May you and your have a happy, healthy and creative new year!

This is the outside area of our apartment this year, hope you enjoy. Paper snowflakes, silhouette and words are all secured with hot glue. There are several while lights, some blue large bulbs around the door and to block animals or people from stepping too close and two strands of fairy lights 75 feet each. The church, houses, buildings and train were made by my mom last year setting up a full village.

There are some dear friends I wanted to do something special for this Christmas so I decided to take my shot at creating some art that I hope will be a joy to their hearts. Here goes.

This first piece is a wood burned design of a hummingbird painted over with acrylic.

The same friend is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins so I did this on a scratch pad.

Last but not least, another friend is a collector of nutcrackers so I attempted to hand-paint this one for her.

Great Art Video Channel

There are several talented artists showing their pieces online and when I find one I like to share what they are up to. One such creative individual is Ginette Callaway. She is an very skilled painter and if you’d like to see her work or even consider supporting her with purchases, check out her videos on Rumble.

You may also like to visit her official website at

I was introduced to the work of Caitlin Leigh a while back and have come to appreciate her unique and captivating style of poetry. I recently found out that she put out a new paperback and e-book entitled “Ineffable: Diving Into Outdated Thinking Patterns And Embracing The Peace Within” and it is getting rave reviews.

I highly encourage you literature fans out there to check it out. Both versions of the publication can be found on Amazon.

Great app for photo resizing

It is a fact of life that when you take a photo on your phone or digital camera, the size is likely to be very large. But sometimes, large file sizes are not conducive to your needs. For example, posting on a website works out much better with a smaller file than one that may take a long time to load. While there are many photo resizing tools available, some are clearly better than others. I’ve played around with several and came across one that I think really does the job. The app is called “Photo Resizer” and is available on the Google Play store for free.

Two key features:

It actually allows for substantial size reduction as opposed to some tools and apps that still end up with large files.

The image quality does not suffer much or at all. It is hard to tell the difference. See example of a resized photo below.

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