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Many artists and photographers consider using watermarks on their posted images for copyright protection and so nobody uses your work without your permission. But adding a watermark to your photos can be time consuming and sometimes presents other issues.

I recently came across an easy-to-use website that allows you to watermark photos for free. While the free version has it’s limits (only 10 photos at a time and the website’s own text on the photo) it’s a pretty cool option. Even if you have tons of pics to watermark, clicking the back button and clearing the last group of pictures makes it pretty easy to get a lot accomplished quickly.

Check it out at

Well, it sounds like something based in new age pseudoscience but binaural beats are actually a musical phenomenon being studies by legitimate health and wellness organisations. I encourage you to read up on them for yourself but wanted to address the more creative side of things. If you like the research on the subject and want to try it out for yourself, there a a great Android App I found and wanted to share with you. The same app may or may not be available on iOS. It’s called Real Binaural and has setting for everything from meditation to pain relief and one of the coolest things it that you can make your own beats. Well worth checking out.

This is a poem by Toby, a 10-year-old who apparently has some deep thoughts and better writing skills than the majority of children his age and even a few years older. I came across it in a group on MeWe and his dad agreed to let me share it.

Once as red as blood 

As blue as the sky 

And as brilliant white 

As the light from the heaven’s eye


She now has faded 

And her fabric has frayed 

In the echoes of time 

As prices were paid


But do not cry for her 

She still stands strong 

Through the harshest of winds                            

And storms fierce and long


She has grown like a child 

And matured into life 

Now mighty in resolve 

Overcoming ages of strife


She’s battled through it all 

And still today she does fly 

Above our fine lands 

Like a bird so high

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