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I’ve written a number of posts about the publications by Justin R Martin over the years. Perhaps you might be asking yourself, “why so many about this guy?” It’s simple, the stuff he puts out is really good. You can be incredibly talented when it comes to drawing, sculpting, painting or photography but if you work with people and don;t know how to pose a subject, your art will lack the quality it could achieve and likely neither you nor the subject will be thrilled about it.

Posing guides can be a major help in these situations and I can say the options provided by Martin are in fact works of art on their own. It’s not the same old stuffy few dozen options that everyone uses. The variety in all volumes is extensive and even more so now with 200 new poses in “Poses For Artists Vol. 6” released a little while back.

The big news is that this volume is now available in all formats including paperback, Kindle, Ebook .PDF, .ZIP file with high-res images of each pose, and Ebook in all popular formats (.epub, .mobi, .lrf, .pdb, .txt, html). Now, it can be accessed easily in any circumstance. After all, not everybody has the place for another physical book in their studio.

You can check it out and order on the author’s site at

If you enjoy taking photos of flowers but don’t have a lot of options due to a lack of a yard, not having any place to plant them or any other situation, here’s an easy way to get some nice pics without having to go through too much hassle. It’s also free unlike the fees you might have to dish out when going to a ticked garden facility.

Go to you local hardware super-center or nursery. Both are likely to be filled with potted plants, hanging baskets and flowers and plants ready to be planted in your yard or garden.

Bring your cell phone so as to rule out any problems you might have handling a standard camera or DSLR in close quarters or high-traffic locations.

Find the garden section and make use of create angle options, and zoom and shoot, shoot, shoot all you want.

Chances are, nobody will bother you or ask you what you are doing and if they do you can simply tell them that you are talking photos to explore options that will work for your location.

Here are a few I did recently at Lowe’s Home Improvement in North Carolina.


Ashes (A Poem)

Ash flutters in the sky

Among the winds of day

Gray among the walls of steel

In all surrounding places


Ash flutters in the sky

Turning morning cold and dark

Among the sounds of chaos

Echoing in massive tower halls


Ash flutters in the sky

Blanketing the crowds below

While sirens blare

With the heroic rushing in


Ash flutters in the sky

Coming to rest upon the ruins

Of twisted steel

And broken concrete


Ash flutters in the sky

But through it we rise

Like the phoenix of fokelore

Refusing to give in


Ash flutters in the sky

But now brought fourth with joy

Our nation’s colors displayed for show

As we prove we did not break

Kabul (A Poem)

The smell of failure
Rises through grayed skies
Like the sizzling ash
Among embers falling like rain

Kabul, we weep for you
In the midst of smoke and fire
While angered by the sight and sound
Of a weakness built-in “power”

One leader, one man
And his puppet masters too
Own the deaths of many
No where to hide it now

Blood is on your hands my friend
And those who put you into place
It least take your responsibility
For your judgement of disgrace

I’ve written about the Poses For Artists series of books before as assets for any artist, photographer or model. There is a new book coming out soon called “Poses For Artists Vol. 6” with 200 new poses not included in any of the earlier editions of the series. It’s worth checking out. And right now, while the book is still on pre-sale, there is a special discount available at No code needed. Good for 20% off the list price.

This is a beginner friendly tumbler to make using just some alcohol inks. I randomly dropped my inks around the cup before making them swirl around the cup.

I’ve mentioned the importance of posing many times. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who draws, a painter or a photographer, any artists who use models or do figure work can benefit from a posing resource. The options by author Justin Martin from the Pose Muse series of books, available in both print and electronic formats, present tons of poses for pretty much anything you might need.

Right now, the website has a 30% off deal until the end of July. If you use the promo code JULY30 at checkout, you can get the discount on all of the pose compilation ebook downloads in .pdf format. This includes more than 800 poses.

Much of the work we create is based on emotion. And while some of the emotions associated with pain and struggle may sometimes seem easy to come by, that is not always the case with happiness and more positive feelings.

Happiness can be so elusive in our modern culture. That being said, you can be happy! It is possible and you can do it. I found a great guide to help in the process by talented author Dan Brook. I hope you’ll check it out.

Add another side to your creative ventures by cultivating a broader spectrum or emotion with happiness.

A Tribute to America

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. There are a ton of different reasons that this is so but rather than going into a lengthy list, I’d rather just share a new piece I made celebrating this country. It is basically a skyline with the iconic theme of a firework show over hill with a body of water below showing a reflective glow from the blasts. This was done on black scratch part paper using a wooden stylus. (I will be posting some other items using this process so keep a look out for them.) To check out a cool animated version, click here. Link may require signin.

While I don’t claim to be a painter by any stretch of the imagination, I do enjoy it. Yesterday I sat on the back patio and took on this project to give to some friends as a gift.

First, I got out the wooden decoration from Dollar Tree.

Then I mixed blue and white acrylic paint to make a lighter shade of blue that is sort of a staple in this area.

I painted the letters blue using a simple and inexpensive brush.

Then I used green to cover the base to make it look like grass below the sky and added little shoots going up into the blue.

To complete the project I added red at the start of the shoots to look like flowers.

End result:

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