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Social media plays a big role in most of our lives these days. It only stands to reason that it probably does the same for our art. But sometimes and for certain reasons, the big boys like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram among other options aren’t always the best for creatives to showcase their work and connect with fellow artists. Here are a list of a few alternatives you might want to consider that first off will allow for more freedom in your posting and more protection of your intellectual property.

Substitutes for Facebook –

Minds –

MeWe –

Substitute for Twitter –

Telegram –

Substitutes for Instagram –

We Heart It –

500PX –

A New Tools For Artists

Sometime AI can go a little too far in our lives. I’m not a big fan of automating anything and everything just because you can. That being said, once in a while an AI tool can be very helpful for artists. Her’es one I learned about from a talented young lady named Mia. The tool is called Deep Dream Generator. You do have to sign up for an account but it is free for the basic options. Check it out for yourself.

A while back, I met a woman by the name of Dylanna Fisher. I met her through an online resource that features a lot of artists and have since become a big fan of the art she creates. This skilled person does everything from photography to home decor to even wearable art. And I thought it might be a treat for the readers to give you a three-part series on her various websites.

This first part will focus on her work on her appropriately-named shop Dylanna Fisher on Redbubble. 

Check out some of her designs below and the items she has for sale.

I met a young lady with a lot of artistic talent a while back and am finally getting a chance to share one of her latest projects. This lady named Diarra, who goes my the name Swaggytooncar in her social and online store account, is really something special when it comes to creating a style that pops out and draws the viewer’s reaction.

If interested, you can purchase this work she calls “Girl with purple body” for yourself through her online store.

If you are not already using MeWe, you might want to check it out. It is a small but growing social platform like Facebook or Instagram that is very different as that there are no ads and it’s much more open to different viewpoints. Without getting into all that too much, it is a great option for artists and writers. I’ve decided to put out a post with some of my favorite communities that I’ve found so far.

You can join me on MeWe at and apply to these groups:

THE PAINTED WORD – Close to 200 members strong, this relatively small group is very active and combines the visual and literary arts in one place.

TALK CRAFTY TO ME – More than 10,000 members. As you can guess, it’s anything and everything crafts.

PAINTINGS WATERCOLOR, PENCIL DRAWINGS, INK, SUMI E – Almost 5,500 members. This is all about the various types of visual arts. The talent here is fantastic (just like the rest of these groups).

CONSERVATIVE CREATIVES – Small group of under 50 members but very active. Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not all about politics. But it is a place that welcomes conservative and moderate artists more that the mainstream arts scene online or in person.

UNKNOWN – ANONYMOUS ARTISTS – Very small group of currently less than 10 members but a cool concept. Dedicated to artists who have nicknames but the actual identity is unknown. Think Banksy but for any type of art.

THE CRAFTING CORNER – Almost 6,800 members. Another great craft group for inspiration and showing your work.

NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY – Almost 6,000 members. New content all the time, beautiful nature shots from pros and novices.

While it is not as easily available as copyright free photos, there are some sites out there that provide music that is free from usage restrictions and won’t cost you any of your hard-earned dollars. However, many of these sites provide a rather underwhelming selection and the content itself is often not up to par with what you might need for your video projects or whatever else you might want.

I came across this very new but promising option called Creator’s Paradise and wanted to share.

If you join or are a member of MeWe, which I highly recommend, you can follow their account at

To listen the the music you can go to the official Youtube channel and watch videos like this –

You may be scratching your head thinking about how to get this music in .mp3 format. Well, that’s easy enough. Copy the URL while it’s playing and paste it here to download the audio.

We are going to a more and more digital environment in which things like CDs are being replaced by digital music like mp3s. If you still have a collection of CDs, especially ones you brunt yourself and the jewel cases that come with them, there are some fun a creative things you can do you reuse your old cases.

Here are a couple of quick projects I did and a link to some more resources.

I used two old cases with a glue gun to make a box with another piece from a third for the bottom.

I bought some fairy lights to put in it at a local store called Election Emporium.

As another option, I added a triangle I made from 1 case and a half or another as something to sit on top.

As you can see in the photo, you can add other times in with the lights like pieces of plastic bottles or plastic gems or even tissue paper to add a different effect as you see here:

For some really innovative ideas, check out this article.

Custom Card for Creatives

We all use debit or credit cards, or at least most of us. And as creative people like to do, it’s fun to put your own stamp on things. You might be surprised to learn that there is a way you can combine both. The widely popular app Cashapp allows users to get a free debit card for their account and one fun thing about it is that you can customize it with your own art. Here are a few samples. If you don’t have an account and would like to sign up for one – they give you $5 free! Use this link to join.

Rocket Art

There is something to be said for an old-school toy. Do you recall those wooden blocks, cars, trucks, planes…you played with as a child? If you are of a specific age group, you likely do and even if you are younger you may have had the change to experience this simple pleasure. One problem is that many of these items are plain and have a natural look with no color. That is where the artsy part come in as that you can easily buy craft paints and get started.

This is a rocket my mother picked up at Walmart that had a light switch to make the hole in the middle glow. After painting it and adding stickers, it was time to draw a little boy’s face on the inside and light it up.

You might want to keep this in mind the next time you look for a unique gift project.

Guest Poet

As you know, we post a lot of poems here. I met someone last year that I recently found to be a poet and asked her is she minds if I share some of her work. She agreed and so I will occasionally share some of her writing.

Here is the first piece she shared with me written way back in 99.

Solitude by

Autumn Rivers

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