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The technical definitions of “published” and “copyright”

When it comes to some of the more legalistic aspects of creative process, many people might think they know what is what. However, you might be surprised to find out that not everything is as is seems. And usually, this works to the benefit of the artist.

Now whether you’re one of the many Pittsburgh writers like myself, or maybe a visual artist or perhaps even a film maker, the rules are ultimately all the same in the end.

Legal requirement for something to be copyrighted:

Once the creation becomes something tangible and more than just an idea, it is officially your copyright. For example, right now, this very post is my copyright. The only problem is that this can be difficult to prove, hence the reason for the process of copyright registration.

Legal requirement for something to be published:

One person other than the originator must have read, seen, listened to, watched… the material. Once this has happened, the work is legally published. For example, if my best fried reads this post, even before it goes live on this blog, it is legally published. Although this is true, it’s probably not going to fly with your professors when you are writing your Ph.D. dissertation or when updating your resume.

If you don’t believe me, look into it for yourself and you’ll see that these simple notions are indeed fully accurate facts.

A unique way to get your poetry out there

Those of us that write poetry, despite our different styles, probably all have one thing in common. We want our poetry to be read. And this being the case, many if not all of us, would love to be published.

While it can be pretty hard to jump right into writing poetry books, either due to the difficultly of getting a publisher or perhaps not having enough content to produce an entire volume, there are some alternatives.

If you write poems about life, one good option might be looking into the greeting card industry.

Companies that produce e-cards are always looking for content for their greetings and even the traditional card companies accept this type of work as well.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your poetry out there, this may very well be a good start.

Reflections on online search terms from an English language enthusiast

These days, when we want or need information, one of the first resources we turn to is the Internet. And in doing so,  we input all sorts of terms and phrases in an effort of find what we want. The funny thing is, from a grammatical standpoint, these search terms are often quite inaccurate.

For example, if someone where to be searching for my website, they may use the term photographers in Pittsburgh PA . Sure this seems reasonable but technically, it’s wrong. Notice how the comma between “Pittsburgh” and “PA” is missing. This is a fundamental grammar mistake that many make while searching the Internet.

In similar cases, some searchers will likely ignore the capitalization of the city or state abbreviation.

Another search one might make looking for my business would be creative graphic services . While there is essentially nothing wrong with this, it makes use of awkward construction and doesn’t really flow well.

It’s funny that considering the Internet supposedly places so much value on quality content, we have so many poorly written items based on inaccurate search terms.

Writing tip – people love lists!

For those of us who love to write, one the biggest challenges can be to get our work out there so as to be read by the masses.  Over time, I’ve learned a few things that might help if you are experiencing this problem.

For some reason, people love lists. Whether it be the “Top 50” this or that or whatever the case may be, for some reason, this really draws in readers.

For example, if you’re target audience is artists, perhaps you can write a “Top 10 artist studios for rent in (insert city here)” to get some interest in your writing.

Maybe you’re a photographer and can offer a list of photography tips for shooting in low light.

Basically, lists get readers. And when those readers become familiar with your work, chances are they will read other things you may write  about more passionately.

Text speak – give me a break.

As one of many writers for hire out there, I take my craft seriously. I love the English langauge, at least so much as one can love such an inanimate concept, thus can’t stand seeing it mutulated.

What do I mean? Well, I’m talking about text speak.

While this sloppy jargon does have it’s place, that place is not in business e-mails, academics, professional documents or any similarly formal writings.

Could you imagine seeing a cover letter starting like this?:

OMG, I’d luv to work for your company. My skills would make me the best employee ever!

I would simply throw it in the trash can as that it is not worth the cheep, recycled paper it was written on and is even an insult to the printer that had to use up valuable ink to produce this garbage.

Then what would I do? I’d probably sit back and wait for the author of the cover letter to textually berate me with a big fat WFT?

Victoria Secret Fashion Show

It’s that time of year again. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show will be airing on television tomorrow evening.

While the clothing designs may be a bit eccentric at best, we’ve got to give it up for the company who has provided more pin up girl photos than nearly any other over the course of the last two decades or so.

What is boudoir photography?

As a photographer who does a lot of this sort of work, some people tend to ask me what exactly would be classified as boudoir photography . Well, it’s a difficult question to answer. So, here’s a nice little resource that should give you a better idea about this particular style.

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