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Creating subliminal messages in logos

One of the coolest jobs somebody who provides creative graphic services can provide is the development of logos.

And sometimes, such logos even incorporate subliminal messages. Below are a few examples and a website that explains them.

Pittsburgh writers turn literature to film

For many decades, Pittsburgh writers have been penning stories about the region for book enthusiasts. But for several years now, many of those written works have been turned into films, some even destined to become major motion pictures.

Just as a cool little FYI, the following are a few examples of such films:

Sudden Death

Wonder Boys

Don’t Think About It

Getting into boudoir photography

Many photographers these days are getting into a style known as boudoir photography . This type of shooting is essentially a combination of fine art and the classier side of sexuality.

While some may be uncomfortable delving right into such a style, there is a great resource out the for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals, the Boudoir Photography Network.

This is a forum site so that shooters can learn from one another and even promote the work that they do. It’s well worth looking into.

After all, boudoir is growing so fast it’s almost like the answer to what pin up girl photos where to the 1930’2-60’s.

Would Shakespeare be a gangsta?

As a huge fan of the great William Shakespeare, I sometimes wonder what it would be like if he where alive today.

What type of poetry books might he read? What sort of music would he have on his MP player? What would he thing of rap? Hmmm, maybe good old Will would be a gangsta himself, lol. Doubtful, but fun to think about.

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