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Caress (a poem)

I want to caress your body
As we lie in bed
Press my lips against yours
And then your forehead
Lying cheek to cheek
Let our hands wonder where the may
That’s it, that’s all
Simple as day

This is a short poem by author Jason Greiner who has thus far has written two poetry books.

American Idol Texas auditions synopsis

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Could that include the vocal chops of season 11 American Idol contestants? In some cases yes, in some no.

Here’s my synopsis of the confirmed Golden Ticket winners from the Lone Star State.

1. Baylie Brown

2. Kristine Osori

3. Ramiro Garcia

4. Skylar Laine

5. Cortez Shaw

6. Linda Williams

American Idol Pittsburgh audition synopsis

OK, so day two of American Idol is now history. And the Pittsburgh auditions yielded some excellent talent. And as opposed to the first episode, it seems there might be a few candidates to walk away with the title in a few months.

Here’s how I rate the confirmed Golden Ticket winners:

1. Hallie Day

2. Samantha Novacek

3. Erica

4. Travis Orlando

5. Eben Franckewitz

6. Reed Grimm

7. Heejun Han

8. New York

9. David Leathers Jr.

10. Schyler Dixon

11. Ashlee Altise

12. W.T. Thompson

American Idol Aspen Auditions Synopsis

The fourth show of the season featured the auditions held in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. While some the hopefuls seemed to lack the talent to match the luster of the scenic mountain city,  there where a few singers that might be able to go pretty far in the competition. Here’s how I rate the confirmed Golden Ticket winners from Colorado so far.

Here’s how I rate the confirmed Golden Ticket winners:

1. Angie Zeiderman

2. Jairon Jackson

3. Curtis Gray

4. Jenni Schick

5. Shelby Tweten

6. Richie Law

7. Haley Smith

8. Devan Jones

9. Mathenee Trego

American Idol San Diego auditions synopsis

The third show of the season was a first as that the San Diego auditions where held on a historic aircraft carrier. Some of the talent was simply amazing and some seemed to be good enough to go a round or two deep.

Here’s how I rate the confirmed Golden Ticket winners:

1. Ashley Robles

2. Jason Hamlin

3. Kyle Cruse

4. Aubrey Dieckmeyer

5. Jane Carrey

6. Jayrah Gibson

7. Ali Shields

Synopsis of the American Idol Premiere

The 2012 edition of American Idol got off to a start today with the first broadcast of the new season.

The audtions featured took place in Savannah, Georgia. And while all in all, there where some pretty good singers chosen to go on to the Hollywood round, I’m not all that sure any of them have the potential to come out on top.

With all that being said, here’s how I rank the 12 confirmed candidates who earned a golden ticket.

1. Gabi Carrubba

2. Amy Brumfield

3. Phillips Phillips

4. Brittany Kerr

5. Lauren Mink

6. Shannon Magrane

7. Colton Dixon

8. Stephanie Renae

9. David Leathers Jr.

10. Schyler Dixon

11. Ashlee Altise

12. W.T. Thompson

Can’t wait to see what the next show brings.

Hot looks in the emo subculture

The emo subculture offers some very unique fashion trends. But just like the culture itself, the look if highly individual. What one might consider a hot emo look, another might just disregard altogether.

So in essence, luck most things, it can be pretty subjective.

But, with that in mind, here are a few of what I feel are the coolest emo looks out there:

hot emo girl

Top poetry books of 2011

If you’re a poetry fan like I am, I don’t have to tell you how difficult it can be to find good literature in such a small writing niche.

Whether your interest lies in classic styles of love poetry, prose focused on the magic of nature, poems about life or whatever else the case may be, here’s a cool listing of the top works from 2011.

The best photos of children are often not posed.

For any of you shutterbugs or aspiring photogs out there who deal with portrait photos of children, you probably have realized by now that shooting kinds can be a real challenge.

While they tend to have little or no fear of the camera, many times the attention span is limited and thus you have to really work hard to get a child while he or she isn’t fidgeting or looking away from the camera.

For this reason, many of the best shots are of children during play or simply doing something other than being told to sit still for a photo.

Keep this in mind the next time you work with a child.

Below are a few examples:

The Daddy Daughter Bucket List (Part 2)

100 Things to do Before Your Daughter Leaves the House:

(Part 2)

By Christina Jeter –

20)      I want you to know that I want you to have everything that I didn’t and never experience the hurt of my past. You are the protégée of the greatest thing I have ever done with my life.

21)      Let her teach you: The world now revolves around the internet, I am sure you like to navigate through the World Wide Web.

22)      Become her friend on FaceBook!

23)      Follow each other on Twitter

24)      Learn how to text her, just in case she doesn’t want to talk on the phone…smh.

25)      Don’t worry about making it home for the holiday’s I can always have her attend via Skype.

26)      Have her tell you that big secret? What is the difference between a tampon and a sanitary napkin?

27)      Make sure you always take photos together, nothing like an image to re-spark a moment in time.

28)      See the world together and all over again, go back to childhood places and visit new horizons with one another.

29)  Get pampered, go out and get your feet and nails done, while basking in the glory of raising such a successful daughter.

30)  Always let her know if someone doesn’t appreciate you and what you can do,DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM AGAIN.

31)  Know that tolerance is a dangerous thing! I state this because you will have friends who tolerance hates because that person is not giving it to them.

32)  Do something productive each and every day so that time is never wasted.

33)  Remind her about the sacrifices you made for her to have the privileges she has today, and then have her create a cool super hero nickname for you.

34)  Assure her that dreams do come true.

35)  Give the world, but let her know about the reality of the world, so she can be humble and grateful not bullying and mocking.

36)   If she doesn’t have a Valentine, be her Valentine and celebrate it in New Orleanson Mardi gras, for you are never alone in the Crescent City.

37)  Watch the American Idols auditions together to help know that everyone has embarrassing moments; just be glad none of ours are recorded.

38)  Spread the love leave the hate: Go to do charitable things together, work at a church, homeless shelter, and etc.

39)  KARMA- What goes around comes around.

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