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100 Things to do Before Your Daughter Leaves the House:

(Part 2)

By Christina Jeter –

20)      I want you to know that I want you to have everything that I didn’t and never experience the hurt of my past. You are the protégée of the greatest thing I have ever done with my life.

21)      Let her teach you: The world now revolves around the internet, I am sure you like to navigate through the World Wide Web.

22)      Become her friend on FaceBook!

23)      Follow each other on Twitter

24)      Learn how to text her, just in case she doesn’t want to talk on the phone…smh.

25)      Don’t worry about making it home for the holiday’s I can always have her attend via Skype.

26)      Have her tell you that big secret? What is the difference between a tampon and a sanitary napkin?

27)      Make sure you always take photos together, nothing like an image to re-spark a moment in time.

28)      See the world together and all over again, go back to childhood places and visit new horizons with one another.

29)  Get pampered, go out and get your feet and nails done, while basking in the glory of raising such a successful daughter.

30)  Always let her know if someone doesn’t appreciate you and what you can do,DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM AGAIN.

31)  Know that tolerance is a dangerous thing! I state this because you will have friends who tolerance hates because that person is not giving it to them.

32)  Do something productive each and every day so that time is never wasted.

33)  Remind her about the sacrifices you made for her to have the privileges she has today, and then have her create a cool super hero nickname for you.

34)  Assure her that dreams do come true.

35)  Give the world, but let her know about the reality of the world, so she can be humble and grateful not bullying and mocking.

36)   If she doesn’t have a Valentine, be her Valentine and celebrate it in New Orleanson Mardi gras, for you are never alone in the Crescent City.

37)  Watch the American Idols auditions together to help know that everyone has embarrassing moments; just be glad none of ours are recorded.

38)  Spread the love leave the hate: Go to do charitable things together, work at a church, homeless shelter, and etc.

39)  KARMA- What goes around comes around.


Comments on: "The Daddy Daughter Bucket List (Part 2)" (3)

  1. Love 32 and 34!

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