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Writing beat

Guest post by Inese Murniece

It is sometimes considered that there are no limits for a writer when it comes down to writing. It is a job what the hand likes to do the best. Yet, the working hours are not always smooth. This is where the writer must understand what the writing beat is about.

Do you wonder why you can’t write a single word (even about your favourite theme) at times? Do you solely depend on the inspiration waiting when it appears to sit next to the paper? Both occasions include misuse of the writing beat – the one which actually helps to achieve bigger personal goals in writing.

I have been writing for many years already, and I believe that the verb ‘to write’ is the best friend and fearful enemy to the writer. Why? It does absolutely nothing if that’s not prepared for the work. Writing doesn’t come out from simple word combination and sentence structure. Writing comes out of the perception about it. Or out of the preparation ‘to write’, to be more precise. This is where the writing beat really steps in.

What is it? The activity package which lets determine all the aspects of the creative work. It is extremely important if writer’s about to begin (or continue) a novel. To have a smooth writing beat the writer needs to:

  • Know  at least one key bit of the work, may it be the name of the main character or the place where the story takes place;
  • Be completely sure that he/ she wants to write exactly this work (there are moments when we wonder if we want to devote hours of our precious time to the work which we are not ready to finish);
  • Have a good mind (dedicate at least 10 minutes before writing itself to monitor your feelings: to check for some inspiration, adjust the outside environment and watch if the work opens to you).

The writing beat is not only about the process. It starts a long time before that. The usual mistakes are about pushing forward even if we are not able to write. We look at the page and wait for words to appear from nowhere. One minute – it’s nothing. Ten minutes – it’s nothing! Likely there will be nothing in an hour, too! The writer can blame the inspiration, although I reckon it shows up everytime when the story’s needed to be written. The writer can blame the Moon position as well. The biggest problem is that we don’t pay attention on regulating our writing beat, though.

How to cajole the beat? Feed it! Love to be a writer! Enjoy every minute you spend writing! Honour the inspiration even if you’re too busy with other things to use it! Meanwhile, find out the information what you need about your work not to force your inspiration to play-act! The writer in you needs to be educated – that’s the best motto for the beat to remain active and smooth everytime you want. Remember – the good actions always ensure a good harvest in the future.

It is sometimes considered that there are no limits for a writer when the writing process starts. It is so if the writer has done everything to move these limits far enough. Securing a stable writing beat the writer reveals that his work has turned into the most productive activity in the world. Both the mind and soul will really appreciate it.


About the author:

Inese Murniece is a freelance journalist and writer. The editor of


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