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More than half of the Top 24 of this year’s American Idol finalists have been selected with just 10 more to be determined tomorrow night.

Those in so far include:

  1. Jen Hirsh
  2. Creighton Fraker
  3. Joshua Ledet
  4. Haley Johnsen
  5. Elise Testone
  6. Reed Grimm
  7. Erika Van Pelt
  8. Baylie Brown
  9. Chelsea Sorrell
  10. Heejun Han
  11. Jessica Sanchez
  12. Phil Phillips
  13. Colton Dixon
  14. Brielle Von Hugel

Just 5 girls and 5 guys left to go.

I was pretty certain the field would include Baylie Brown and Phil Phillips from this group. Conversely, I see Creighton Fraker, Brielle Von Hugel and Heejun Han as slight surprises. As far as tomorrow goes, I expect to see Hallie Day among the final 10 to get in on this Thursday.


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