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Branding mistakes

Today we live in a world which is full of madcap advertising and uncontrolled consumerism. For companies to stay ahead of the game it important that they must constantly change their branding and advertising. Everyday people’s attention span is gradually growing shorter. We can attribute this to the constant barrage of bill boards, television commercials and popup ads from websites to name a few channels. It is because of the race to stay ahead of the competitions, companies hugely underestimate what audiences really want to see, and it is at this point when they get it wrong big time.

One such company that made a branding mistake was Coca Cola. As one of the most successful brands in America, Coke is a symbol of true American values. In 1985 amidst huge hype, the company behind Coca cola released a new version of the classic soft drink.  The new version was a more ‘smoother, rounder yet bolder’. however, Americans saw this as interference rather than improvement – would you improve the American flag?, Would you edit the Bible? Answer was No? Americans then asked Why change Coca-Cola?

As consumers had already bought into the Coca-Cola brand any change was met with anger form the customers. New Coke failed to impress loyal fans and sales were poor. Cases of the ‘real thing’ were being sold on the black market for huge amounts of money. It was only a matter of months before Coca-Cola realised their mistake and reverted back to producing the original ‘real thing’.



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