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So, now that the Top 13 for the 2012 edition of American Idol is set, there are a few issues I’d like to address. Keep in mind these list are in random order.

Who/what America and the judges got right:

1. Shannon

2. Hollie

3. Jessica

4. Phillip

5. Elise

6. Colton

7. Jermaine

8. Erika

Erika should never had had to settle for a wildcard as that she was clearly the top female performer of the week. And despite her just getting in, I still believe she should be (emphasis on the word should) one of the front runners.

Who/what America and the judges got wrong:

1. Skylar

2. Joshua

3. Deandre

4. Jeremy

Two of the three wildcard spots should have gone to girls, one which should have been Hallie. The judges flubbed that one though when somehow asking Brielle to sing for her life.

America made the right decision regarding Deandre but the judges fouled that one up too. I doubt he’ll be around very long unless he cuts down on the falsetto.

Better options to replace these contestants would have been Hallie, Jennifer, Reed and Adam.

Who was a so-so pick:

1. Heejun

This was not a terrible pick as that he was sort of on the borderline for the last guy slot in my opinion. However, he could have been replaced by any of the four listed above as well.

Biggest surprise:

The exit of Hallie.

Current frontrunners:









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