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Seeking guest bloggers

Creative Dreamers is looking for creative, talented people to be guest bloggers on our site!

We’re looking for writers or artists who can create some unique posts on virtually anything relating to the arts (visual, literary or performing). The canvas is all yours for the painting.

A few simple rules:

1. Written posts (except poetry) should be at least 250 words long. Poetry can be any length at all.

2. Guest posting authors can have one backlink in the body of the article for every 150 words not to exceed a total of two.

3. Authors may have one backlink in an author bio as well.

4. For visual submissions (i.e. photos, videos…) the guest poster will be allowed one backlink per submission in the author bio.

5. For poetry, the author will be given one backlink per poem in the author bio section.

E-mail your prospective guest post or ideas to

Let your ideas shine!


Comments on: "Seeking guest bloggers" (8)

  1. I shall pick a poem to send to you-I would love to share some of my work with a wider audience. What details should i send other than the poem itself?


  2. I think this is a really awesome idea. I’d like to submit something of mine as well, I’m a sucker for digital artwork and I’ve got a pretty hefty portfolio I’m sure I could find something to share.

  3. I give you liberty to re-post any of my stuff, if you wish.

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