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To Be In Love…

A poem by Darakhshan Takmeel

To be in love, you must feel pain
Pain of loving, of having loved and lost
Lost in the galaxy of glittering delights
Delights that delight and never last.

Last summer rain on your garden
Garden of blossoming feelings, memories
Memories of a night well spent
Spent listening to the rain on the trees.

Trees that witnessed your times together
Together under the Banyan’s shade
Shade of happy, peaceful times
Times you sat together and prayed.

Prayed for each other with one another
Another day, another gift to cherish
Cherish the touch of the sun in winter
Winter chills when the greens perish.

Perish in pain like a dry river
River of sorrow when having to lose
Lose direction and stance, beyond control
Control your emotions and having to choose.

Choose between the future and today
Today that looks like a brilliant joy
Joy that will end with a tear someday
Someday that would do this, by and by.

By losing what you let go once
Once the blemish is on your being
Being an enhanced jewel on you
You will learn again, to love and sing.

Darakhshan is the poetic mind behind the amazing blog Introspections of my soul .


Comments on: "To Be In Love…" (1)

  1. That’s a great poem. Nice creativity of yours.

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