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So, we’re down to the top 13 contestants on American Idol and the competition is getting stiffer and stiffer.

All in all, I think the judges where a bit off this week and in many cases came across as pushovers, Randy being the occasional exception. A few new frontrunners may be emerging while a few old ones fade and so far, the ladies are outperforming their male counterparts.

With all that being said, here’s my synopsis of last night’s show.

The Girls:

1. Jessica

2. Hollie

3. Shannon

4. Skylar

5. Erika

6. Elise

The Guys:

1. Phillip

2. Colton

3. Heejun

4. Jermaine

5. Joshua

6. Jeremy

7. Deandre



1. Jessica – Simply amazing, best performance of the season thus far.

2. Hollie – Any other night it may have been the best but just got outshined a bit by Jessica.

3. Phillip – Perfect song for him. Fun, entertaining and unique.

4. Colton – Smooth, silky tone. Proved he has a voice that can do more than just rock.

5. Shannon – Dead on for most of the song with such a mature voice. One minor slip up got blown out of proportion.

6. Skylar – Sweet and simple tone, killed the big notes.

7. Erika – Very nice deep voice with powerful vocals. She had a few slips up but was pretty good overall.

8. Heejun – Nice in it’s simplicity but a little slow for my liking.

9. Jermaine – Odd song choice. Strong, deep tone but a bit boring.

10. Joshua – Very raspy vocals. Not bad overall but off in spots.

11. Elise – Strong in parts but a bit labored in others.

12. Jeremy – Very unusual and quite difficult to understand.

13.  Deandre – I appreciated him moving beyond the falsetto but all in all it was pretty cheesy.

Bottom line: 

A guy should be the first to go so it should probably be either Deandre or Jeremy but if a girl goes it will likely be Elise.


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