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Well once again we have a bit of a scandal on American Idol. This time, it resulted in the removal of Jermaine from the Top 12.  But other than the fact that the show will be cutting the remaining contestants down to 10 one week earlier than expected, nothing overly dramatic seemed to happen this week.

Here’s how I rate the performances from last night:

1. Hollie – Best of the night by far. Flawless, amazing, beautiful. She’s a serious contender to be the front runner.

2. Elise – Major redemption from last week. Good song choice, simple yet powerful vocals.

3. Shannon – Subtle with a few slip ups but she nailed several high notes.

4. Colton – Odd song choice but awesome voice. He did very well overall.

5. Erika – Great song, just a few slips but very strong showing overall.

6, Skylar – Good, solid start. All in all it wasn’t bad.

7. Phillip – Good rhythm. He hit the chorus perfectly. He’s a great performer but it didn’t quite live up to his usually showings.

8. Jessica – Had a chance to solidify herself as the leader of the pack but struggled a bit with her vibrato. Still well done and full of confidence.

9. Joshua – Way over-hyped by the judges. Good in parts but too much vibrato and voice fluctuation.

10. Deandre – Actually probably his best showing to date. It just didn’t seem to fit him though.

11. Heejun – Smokey tone but sounded flat and very labored, not very good.

I expect Heejun to go home but wouldn’t be surprised to see Deandre leave. The fan vote may be influenced by the judges so Joshua will likely be safe but it wouldn’t be a shock if Jessica is in the Bottom 3.  It would however, be a shock if Jessica did get sent packing just based on her consistent performances to date (including her rendition of “I Will Always Love You” from last week which was arguably the best performance of the season so far).


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