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I was really looking forward to 80’s night. Having been a child of that decade,   I have always loved the music. That being said, some of the song choices where a bit odd and could have been better. But all in all, the contestants did pretty well.

Here’s how I rate the solo performances:

1. Jessica – Her performance was both fun and skillful. She is just so confident on stage and is the one to beat.

2. Colton – Very cool rock take on a classic track. He is by far the most versatile performer in the competition.

3. Hollie – So nice to see another side of her. Probably the best pure vocalist of all. Fantastic job.

4. Phillip – The most unique of all the contestants. So cool and so fun.

5. Skylar – Far better than previous weeks. Nice chance of pace from country songs. Good job.

6. Elise – Excellent song choice. OK at the start, awesome in the chorus, not bad overall.

7.  Joshua – Very nice start. It was good until the got into his habit of overdoing the vibrato and butchered the rest of the song.

8. DeAndre – Odd song choice. Kind of boring and cheesy and of course too much falsetto.

Here’s how I rate the duets:

1. Jessica and Joshua – Joshua didn’t do bad but Jessica carried the performance. The song choice worked out well and although not great by any means, it was the best duet of the night.

2. Hollie and DeAndre – Very interesting pairing.  Hollie shocked me, in a good way, nailing her part. DeAndre did OK as well.

3. Elise and Phillip – Good song but the performance was surprisingly not as goo as I had hoped.

4. Skylar and Colton – Not the best song option for these two. They struggled somewhat but worked their way through it.

The Bottom 3 “should” be DeAndre, Joshua and Elise with DeAndre going home. The voters finally got something relatively right last week and hopefully they will do the same this time around.

The male and female front runners have emerged as Jessica (overall front runner) and Colton.


Comments on: "American Idol Top 8 Recap" (1)

  1. I love those ‘idol’ programmes. American Idol is also the same as British Idol, La Nouvelle Star (in France) etc… Thanks for sharing!
    By the way your blog was awarded the Versatile and Very Inspiring awards! Congrats!

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