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The 2010-today theme was pretty interesting considering it allowed for a lot of newer songs since up until then, most of the song options where from several years gone by. While I don’t think all the contestants took full advantage of this opportunity, I do believe this may have just been the most competitive week so far.

Here’s how I rate the solo performances:

1. Elise – Perfect song choice. So cool and dead on.

2. Colton – Good song selection. His performance was intense and heartfelt. Very nice.

3. Joshua – I’m not a big fan but he impressed me this week. His best showing to date.

4. Jessica – Odd choice of song. Good vocals but not nearly her best.

5. Hollie – Interesting song. She put a cool spin on it nailing the last high note. Good job all in all.

6. Phillip – Unusual song. Slow start but got a little better as it went on. Just OK though.

7.  Skylar – Subtle yet powerful. Well done.

Here’s how I rate the duets:

1. Jessica, Hollie and Joshua – Good song match for their voices. Fun, energetic and pretty nice.

2. Skylar and Colton – The harmonized much better than last week but it was still lacking.

3. Elise and Phillip – Not bad. Good in the chours but off in other parts.

The Bottom 3 “should” be Skylar, Phillips and Hollie with Syklar going home. The voters made the right call last week but can be quite unpredictable so who knows what might happen.

Side Notes:

Elise seems to have been lacking support but based on her showing this week she should be just fine. Hollie, although probably the best pure vocalist of all the remaining contestants, has been in the same boat and it very much in danger again tonight. Joshua moved up a bit among the others, at least for this week. Personally, I think it’s a fluke. Colton continues to remain the most versatile of all the contestants. Even with a slip this week, Jessica likely remains the front-runner.



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