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I love Queen’s work but originally thought it might present a challenge for several of the contestants who aren’t exactly the rocker type. That being said they all did pretty well. In the second round most of the song choices where fairly predictable but well done. All in all, each week there seems to be a bit of a shakeup as to who is seemingly on top and who might be in danger.


1. Elise 

2. Skylar

3. Phillip

4. Jessica

5. Hollie

6. Joshua


1. Hollie 

2. Jessica  

3. Joshua 

4. Skylar 

5. Elise

6. Phillip 


1. Skylar – Good tone and decent vocals throughout, nicely done.

2. Jessica – Nice control on both songs even though the first was out of her wheel house. Stunning vocals on the second.

3. Elise – Queen was the perfect fit for her, well done. Cool second song – smooth and fun.

4. Hollie – Started out a bit week with the first song but was absolutely amazing (even better than the original) in her rendition of “The Climb.”

5. Phillip – Not the greatest vocals but fun and cool on the Queen track. Could have choose a better option from the various DMB songs out there.

6. Joshua – The first song wasn’t a good fit, it was just rather off. The second was much better.

Side Notes:

The very shocking elimination of Colton last week proves once again that anyone can go at any time. So, at this point, who knows what might happen.

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