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With tomorrow being the 4th of July or Independence Day in the United States, fireworks will be exploding in the night sky from coast to coast. And if you want to catch them in photos, or do the same for any other fireworks display, you may find that getting the shot you want might be a bit of a challenge.

In fact, I have heard it said that taking quality photographs of fireworks is one of the most difficult tasks for the average photographer.

So, if you’re inclined to pull out your camera when the sky bursts with beautiful trailing flames, here are a few things that just might help you capture the shot you want.

1. Set for a long exposure –

To get the cascading effect of the falling embers in your images, set your shutter to be open for a fairly long time. I’d suggest something around 2 seconds.

2. Stabilize yourself –

To account for a long exposure and avoid blurry shots, use a tripod. If you don’t have one, position your camera on or against something that will keep your movement to a minimum.

3. Use an appropriate aperture – 

Considering the sky itself will be dark, you need to let sufficient light get to your sensor. That being the case, along with the long exposure, you will want to have your aperture set to a fairly low F#. While going to low can overexpose the shot, working somewhere between say F/6 and F/10 should do the trick.



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  1. nice shot, thanks for the tips

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