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What is art?

On the surface, it is a simple question. However, this simple question often receives a number of complex answers.

Sure, you can go to any dictionary for some sort of answer. However, even there you are likely to come up with several different definitions.

Does the amount of time put in or effort involved determine whether something is or is not art? A few other questions we can ask ourselves include:

Is it art if it involves creativity or imagination?

Does how it make you feel determine whether or not it is art?

Is the idea of self-expression essential to qualify something as art?

All in all, the questions and answers are seemingly endless. Perhaps it is much like the concept of beauty. As it has been said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe it’s just that simple – what is art is up to the individual and can be just as unique as each and every person.

Comments on: "What exactly makes something artistic?" (4)

  1. mbsartfoundation said:

    Reblogged this on Morris B. Squire Art Foundation (non-profit art foundation) and commented:
    A nice article for those “unsure” how to categorize what is, and isn’t, art.

  2. very good, for me art is so many things, but in the end is what makes you feel (even if some work you hate, don’t care or like), its about emotion.

  3. Good thought provoker. I never thought of myself as creative, but the older I get, the more I need a creative outlet to express myself. So I think self expression is important.

  4. What is art is such a loaded question. Just as you stated, It really is subjective for many people and relative to the background of the person.

    Our institutions will have one answer to that question and possibly very different from an outsider of that environment.

    I’ve read that creativity is an inherent quality not only to humans but animals as well and determined by our ability to solve complex problems. Chimps and crows do it.

    Imagination is supposed to be something a little different from creativity. I’ve heard it explained as the ability to imagine something new. Einstein is a good example of someone that had a vivid imagination.

    Actors and dreamers have vivid imaginations too.

    Great question, Creative Dreamer.

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