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Guest poem by J.H. Wells

blue eyes


A portrait Pollack painted,

drunk, blossoming ornate beauty.


Gypsy eyes, wearing violet,

hiding, the nighttime thief,

from dawns  heart of



But I know so little of this design.

For we have not shared

passion’s ferocity


taken part in the restless feeling

in a dying conversation.


So, who is to say

That our house will burn, or if

The lavenders will have a

divine scent?


Join me,

drowning in some gin.

I’ll be by my typewriter, and you

lost in your violin.


Until then,

love will have to starve.

Why I don’t believe in sitting fees and other conventional aspects of the photography industry

Obviously, I love working with photography. But even so, there are some aspects of the industry that I could do without. So, as a person working for myself in the field, one of the benefits of doing so is the ability to abide by my own philosophies rather than those of someone else.

I don’t believe in sitting fees.

Many, if not all other photographers I know, have some sort of sitting fee for their studio photography work. These fees basically mean that no matter what occurs during the session or what the client decides to purchase, he or she is required to pay a fee for simply booking a session at all. Honestly, I see this as a bit of a rip off to the buyer. Sure I understand that the photographer needs to have some assurance of income. But, I believe in taking a different approach. Why not, as a photographer, require a minimum purchase for sessions? This can be a win-win for everyone as that the you are guaranteed some income while the buyer will at least get a minimum of a finished product rather than just a bill.

I don’t watermark the photos a client buys.

If someone hires me to shoot photos for them, I figure they deserve the shots free of my self-promotional efforts via watermarks. Not only do watermark from your local studio shots make for a bit of an annoyance but they also often come across as a less than appealing aesthetic effect in the final images.

I don’t shaft clients or collaborators out of usage rights. 

Whether I am working with a local high school senior or a professional working in the modeling industry, I never demand exclusive ownership right to the works I create. The way I see, it regardless of what copyright law may or may not say, both parties have some ownership over the intellectual property produced in a photo session. Sure the subject would not have photos without a photographer. But at the same time, the photographer would have no photos without a subject.

I allow shared usage of the photos between myself and the subject(s). Of course, I don’t want a model going out and selling photos I took of him or her but I do allow them to use them for portfolio purposes and more. This of course, would include posting shots in online portfolios as well.

I have few qualms about my photography being spread around the Internet, with some exceptions of course. The way I see it, so long as the shots are credited to me, it’s free advertising and more exposure for my work.

The Coachella Expereince / Coachella 2013

Guest Post By Courtney Cummings

What was once a small festival in the Indio desert has turned into the most prestigious music festival in the United States.   Coachella is not an event filled with penny scrambling teens but rather celebrities and fans that plan the 3-day experience for an entire year.  After attending the festival, it is safe to say that one of the only things that keep people going after the Coachella sun sets is that it will return in 365 long days.

Once you see the iconic Ferris wheel, you know you have arrived.  Though many people underestimate the power of music and a strong sense of community, anyone that walks into the Empire Polo Fields will leave with an overwhelming desire to live in Never Land forever.  The festival grounds hold the Coachella and Outdoor stages with headlining artists, brilliant light shows and hologram appearances.  Don’t underestimate the power of the tents.  Gobi and Mojave tie for second under the infamous Electronic Sahara tent.  Kids pile in to be in front of internationally renowned DJs – these EDM teens are most likely pulled out by noon after sweating out every last drop of water in their body.

music festival

More than a hundred artists pile on stage throughout the three days.  It’s a mutual experience as those performing are just excited to be a part of Coachella as the music-lovers who stand at their feet.  Once a band gets a spot on the lineup, they know they’ve made it.  You never know who will show up as Coachella always surprises to audience with surprise guest appearances.   The musical performances are complimented by sponsor tents, which give fans an escape from the heat while also having a chance to meet band members, view art galleries or just even charge their phones.

Though there are police everywhere atop horses, fundamental societal structures disappear at Coachella.  Money is optional as people barter for food, drinks or maybe even a spot closer to the front.  This becomes especially prevalent following Coachella’s schedules events.  Walking back to the campsites, the night has just begun.

Thousands of people pile in to 9 lots of strangers that will soon become close friends for life.  Little neighborhoods are set up as people visit with one another.  Social anxiety disappears and a brilliant sense of understanding and love for man is not only inspiring but a rad time.  People of all ages gather to celebrate life, youth and art of all forms.  The tent raves, late night bonfires and body-painted hippies will leave you saying “Can’t we just all stay here?” at the end of the three nights.

Coachella’s reputation makes getting tickets nearly impossible. In the last year Coachella expanded the event to consist of two weekends that consist of identical lineups.  This has only slightly helped.  Coachella 2013 hasn’t even released their lineup yet sold out their pre-sale for both weekends in two hours.  You’d think that many fans would be deterred from the $349  price tag, but if you go once you’ll be hooked for a lifetime.  The three day Coachella music festival is truly an experience of a lifetime.

The chain reaction caused by some popular music

Most of us have heard the stories…

Websites like Youtube have at least launched, if not completely built, the careers of some of today’s most popular pop music artists. Two such examples that come to mind right away are the band Karmin and teen sensation Justin Bieber. No matter you think of them and their music (I could live without JB), there is no doubt they are big-time today.

This being the case, perhaps it is no surprise that in our digital age, massive chain reactions can occur inspired by a single song or artist. Last year perhaps the most widespread example would have been LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” This year, without any doubt whatsoever, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” takes the drown.

The catchy tune has been covered if you will, in Youtibe videos uploaded by everyone from U.S. military servicemen to members of the American swim teams from the 2012 London Olympics to the cheerleaders for the Miami Dolphins and the players for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And at this point, it doesn’t seem like there are any signs of a slowdown.

The aforementioned chain reaction is fascinating.

Check out a few of the covers mentioned below:

Beautiful dreadlocks

Creative Dreamers readers:

I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent of late in regard to posting new entries. I’ve been working on a project for another website I run and being a less than technical person by nature, it’s been a headache to say the least.

That being said, two of the alternative models featured on said site have recently taken to the dreadlocks hair style. With that in mind, I wanted to create a post with artistic dreadlocks as the theme.

Check out the pics below:

blonde in dreadlocks

colorful dreds

pink and blue colored hair

goth girl with red dreds

A few easy tools for artists (and everyone else)

Most of us know about the ability to make a screen capture from the scene on your computer monitor. It’s not new technology by any means. However, have you ever wanted to capture motion instead of just a still shot? Well, it is actually simpler than you might think.

Just think of the possibilities.

Two examples include:

1. Tutorials –

If you create tutorials on anything, perhaps the use of a program like Photoshop, a visual/video approach can be of a major benefit to your audience.

2. Personal reference –

Perhaps you don’t have the need or ability to create an action in the aforementioned Photoshop, or you are working on a project that you hope to duplicate in the future, the use of  a motion/video capturing application can be a big help.

So without further ado, here are some suggestions for free options you can find with a quick Google search to take advantage of this technology:


It’s simple to use, shows the mouse movement on the screen perfectly and only records the sound if you want it to. You can export files in  various formats as well.

video screen capture


This tool is highly user friendly as well. And even the free version doesn’t contain any watermarking.

video software

Untitled (A limerick)

dandelion photo

Quilabells delight in a dandelion diet
Then lay to rest ever so quiet
They dream of birds singing a chorus
Out in the fields by Snoozaloo Forest
And wake laughing at such a silly riot


A custom limerick written by Jason Greiner speficially for a cleint at


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