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Guest Post By Courtney Cummings

What was once a small festival in the Indio desert has turned into the most prestigious music festival in the United States.   Coachella is not an event filled with penny scrambling teens but rather celebrities and fans that plan the 3-day experience for an entire year.  After attending the festival, it is safe to say that one of the only things that keep people going after the Coachella sun sets is that it will return in 365 long days.

Once you see the iconic Ferris wheel, you know you have arrived.  Though many people underestimate the power of music and a strong sense of community, anyone that walks into the Empire Polo Fields will leave with an overwhelming desire to live in Never Land forever.  The festival grounds hold the Coachella and Outdoor stages with headlining artists, brilliant light shows and hologram appearances.  Don’t underestimate the power of the tents.  Gobi and Mojave tie for second under the infamous Electronic Sahara tent.  Kids pile in to be in front of internationally renowned DJs – these EDM teens are most likely pulled out by noon after sweating out every last drop of water in their body.

music festival

More than a hundred artists pile on stage throughout the three days.  It’s a mutual experience as those performing are just excited to be a part of Coachella as the music-lovers who stand at their feet.  Once a band gets a spot on the lineup, they know they’ve made it.  You never know who will show up as Coachella always surprises to audience with surprise guest appearances.   The musical performances are complimented by sponsor tents, which give fans an escape from the heat while also having a chance to meet band members, view art galleries or just even charge their phones.

Though there are police everywhere atop horses, fundamental societal structures disappear at Coachella.  Money is optional as people barter for food, drinks or maybe even a spot closer to the front.  This becomes especially prevalent following Coachella’s schedules events.  Walking back to the campsites, the night has just begun.

Thousands of people pile in to 9 lots of strangers that will soon become close friends for life.  Little neighborhoods are set up as people visit with one another.  Social anxiety disappears and a brilliant sense of understanding and love for man is not only inspiring but a rad time.  People of all ages gather to celebrate life, youth and art of all forms.  The tent raves, late night bonfires and body-painted hippies will leave you saying “Can’t we just all stay here?” at the end of the three nights.

Coachella’s reputation makes getting tickets nearly impossible. In the last year Coachella expanded the event to consist of two weekends that consist of identical lineups.  This has only slightly helped.  Coachella 2013 hasn’t even released their lineup yet sold out their pre-sale for both weekends in two hours.  You’d think that many fans would be deterred from the $349  price tag, but if you go once you’ll be hooked for a lifetime.  The three day Coachella music festival is truly an experience of a lifetime.

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  1. I live in the Coachella Valley and every year the valley is electric with two festivals in two weekends… haven’t even attended but living near it is a trip in itself… great article.

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