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While in most cases, the use of flash in photography is actually unnecessary at  best and possibly even destructive at worst. Pop-up flashes often result in harsh and unflattering shadows or a blown out, over exposed shot. And while it is harder to make this sort of mistake with strobe lighting units, some people overuse these as well. One such example would be taking them along for mid-day outdoor shoots.

But on occasion, using flash can be just what is needed to get the desired effect.

One such example, intentional and artistic shadowing.

Here are two simple and interesting ways to pull off this approach.

1. Place the subject of the shot close to the background –

The closer the two are, the easier it becomes to produce intended harsh but artistic shadows.

shadow of a skateboarder

2. Go projector-style –

Place an object that can cast a shadow in front of the flash unit and shoot away.

shadows in fashion photo

Have fun!


Comments on: "I usually avoid flash in photography but…" (1)

  1. I agree with the comment about overuse of flash. I was at a day-time sports-day carnival at a school, and the pro photographers brought their flash units…

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