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As a writer, I consider myself a student of language. This includes both the uses and abuses of words common to our everyday communication. And while many words are overused all the time, in my opinion  there are two that stand out among the others. These words are “love” and “hate.”

Having written two books of poetry to this point, obviously a genre of writing that deals in emotion, I can understand the tendency to use such words quite often. However, I can also understand why doing so can essentially devalue them to some degree.

Let’s take some examples.


Love is the strongest and most powerful positive emotion any being is capable of experiencing in their life. So while you may really enjoy pasta or are a huge fan of my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers, you neither love Italian food or the legendary football team.


Maybe this actor or that one may not be your favorite, or a specific song rubs you the wrong way. However, I am willing to bet that you do not actually hate either the movie star or that particular tune.

Moral of the story – think twice before using such strong words in either your writing or casual everyday speech.


Comments on: "The two most overused words in English (or any other) language" (4)

  1. Amazing. Tour de force. Epic. Iconic. These are probably other words and expressions that should make it into the overused and now meaningless category. And then, there is the use of the word “Friends” that Facebook has made so arbitrary. Ugh. I totally agree with you.

    • Very true. There is no shortage of words that have lost their value due to overuse. A few more that come to mind are “great,” “amazing,” “evil,” and “crazy.”

  2. An interesting observation to meditate on. I’ve been thinking of my own overused words this weekend, as well as the words and labels that we overuse to try to take the sting out of them, like Bitch. Good food for thought.

  3. writingthebody said:

    You think in an interesting way about words – I agree with this, and the need to be careful with negative words used lazily. Good post…well I think so!

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