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2012 is now yet another closed chapter in our lives and the history of the world. 2013 is a chance to start over and perhaps even make this year the best one yet. Besides the personal and not so personal resolutions you and I have made and set out to accomplish over the next 12 months, I also offer a few artistic resolutions if you will (after all, this is an arts blog)  for the new year that is now upon us.

1. Hold a model shoot marathon

In terms of photography, I’d like to set up an event, probably with fellow photographers, in which we will shoot several models thought a single day which one coming in for a few hours, then leaving for another to step in front of the camera. We could even overlap them a bit for a doubles session if you will. And of course, we’d use a variety of different backdrops and props for different looks in the images.

2. Write more poetry

While poetry is among my literary passions, I haven’t written as much as I would like over the last year. While I truly believe that you can’t just sit down and write a poem as that it requires inspiration, sometimes you can do a little bit to encourage inspiration to come along. In the past, I tried to write an average of one poem per month. I hope to get back to that.

3. Get my work “out there” more

Sure the Internet is a great resource for showcasing your work, but even today many people still don’t use the web and even if they do they like to be able to physically approach or even touch art work or feel the the tactile experience of a book or written/typed page. I’m working on getting some shots into gallery-like displays once again and maybe doing some more poetry readings for  literature enthusiasts.

No matter what your resolution(s) may be, here’s hoping you reach your goals.


Comments on: "Welcome in 2013 – artistic resolutions" (3)

  1. Happy new year! Hope that 2013 will be successful for you!

  2. All the best in 2013!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

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