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Well, it’s going to be a pretty short American Idol recap this week. The reason is that my cable provider lost the signal for all but the first 15 minutes of so of the San Antonio / Long Beach how. Thanks a lot Comcast. And of course, the Oklahoma City auditions only aired for an hour so as to allow for a new episode of “Glee” at 9 p.m.

In San Antonio, the contestants seemed to start off strong until the aforementioned cable outage. I suspect that both Savannah Votion and Vincent Powell, the first two to make it though, will likely be long-term contenders. As far as Long Beach goes, I have nothing to go off of at this point.

Savannah Votion

The Oklahoma City auditions where a little perplexing considering the talent they showed on air wasn’t that impressive. The only real standout where Nate Tao and Halie Hilburn. Of course, you never know what Karl Skinner and Kayden Stephenson might be able to pull off down the road in the competition. Strange things do happen on AI.

Nate Tao

Speaking of strange things, the show, or at least the judges, took a major credibility hit giving a unanimous “yes” to Zoanette Johnson. Perhaps the worst contestant ever to advance beyond the first round of auditions, she butchered our American national anthem and seemed flat out crazy. If she gets any further, it will be a real travesty.


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