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This year, American Idol is trying yet another new tactic to draw in audiences – the “sudden death” rounds.

Here’s how it works…

Of the remaining 20 male and 20 female contestants, the judges are having groups of 10 perform battle things out for the next four shows. For each of those 10, on five will survive the cut and five will go home that same night. Needless to say, this equals lots of drama and the potential for a lot of shockers.

The first such show took place last night. And all in all, I think the judges did a pretty good job. They chose the following ladies to move on to the round in which the fans will be the deciding factor:

Teena Torres

Adriana Latonio

Kree Harrison

Angela Miller

Amber Holcomb

Angela Miller American Idol

My thoughts:

All in all, the judges made a pretty good call. Angela Miller and Kree Harrison where basically a lock for one of the top five slots. Adriana Latonio was a fairly safe bet as well. However, Teena Torres was something of a surprise. In my opinion, it is doubtful that she should have made it through at the expense of Isabelle going home. Another one that could have been in the mix was Shubha Vedula. But of course, when only five spots are open, sadly some talented people will have to be left out.


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