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This year’s edition of American Idol kicked off the finals with the annual Top 10 (although it used to be Top 12) show last night. And all in all, it was a pretty solid start to the last leg of the 2013 Idol journey.

As I’ll been expecting from early on, the girls really seemed to standout and outperform the men overall. And will some the the likely front runners did what might be expected, there where some other contestants who really showed that they’re, as Randy Jackson would say, “in it to win it.”

Candice Glover American Idol

Here’s how I rank last night’s performances:

1. Candice – Powerful voice, right on the money.

2. Angie – Soft, beautiful voice with power when needed. It was a risky song choice but it worked out well.

3. Amber  A few trouble spots at first but better and better as she went along, fantastic ending.

4. Janelle – She came out strong and confident, nice job.

5. Kree – Classic song, great fit for her, simple but good.

6. Lazaro –  Very smooth and captivating vocals, not his best but still pretty good.

7. Paul – This time, the didn’t go over the top as is common for him. Not bad.

8. Devin – Powerful song, nice tone but probably not the greatest fit for him.

9. Burnell – He was kind of off and all over the place.

10. Curtis – He was OK at the start bit over did it in spots. Not bad but not good either.

Final thoughts:

We have already had a slight indication of how the American public might tend to vote based on the results last round. (I agreed with them about 70 or 80% of the time.) However, it’s very early in the game and that could change. In my personal opinion, The bottom three should be Curtis  Brunell and Devin. But then again, any Idol fan knows that on this show, anything can happen and sometimes does.


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