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Now that we’re down to an all-girl top 5 on American Idol, things are getting really interesting. All in all the singers did very well last night with a few issues regarding song choice and arrangement mixed in. but in general, the competition is really heating up and it seems like each and every contestant is stepping up her game.

Angie Miller singing “I’ll Stand By You” Photo courtesy of and Michael Becker of FOX

Here’s how I rank last night’s first performances:

1. Angie

2. Kree

3. Candice

4. Amber

5. Janelle

Last night’s second performances:

1. Angie

2. Amber

3. Kree

4. Candice

5. Janelle

Overall (with brief commentary):

1. Angie – She made a great song choice for both rounds. The first was heartfelt, emotional and flat out outstanding. The second was right on the money, so powerful and beautiful.

2. Kree – Her smooth, engaging voice and wonderful tone allowed for a pretty good first performance. However, the second really showed off her range and was well done.

3. Amber – The first song was in her wheelhouse, a bit soft but good in the higher parts. The second was classy and simple with and was beautifully subtle.

4. Candice – The first song was done a bit too slow. It was good but not her best. The second was good but didn’t show off her range until the end.

5. Janelle – The first song was classic country. It was simple but not bad overall. The second was more upbeat and came across as a fun, catchy tune. It worked out well. 

Final thoughts:

While there were some memorable performances last night, some of the ladies didn’t make the greatest song choices. This was especially true of the firth round of songs. Angie has always been among the top contenders but she more that redeemed herself after a bit of a drop off last week. Conversely, Candice made a bad arrangement choice in her first song and didn’t really play to her biggest strengths. She’ll still be around after tonight but she has shown her vulnerability. Going into the night, the bottom spot was likely to be a battle between Amber and Janelle. But last night, Amber’s second performance probably saved her and then some. We’ll see how thing play out tonight.

Comments on: "American Idol Top 5 week recap" (2)

  1. I like Angie and I didn’t see the last episode, but you rated Janelle last? Oh no – she’s my favorite! I totally LOVE your blog! I will be back! And thanks for the read on the prison fashionistas! Just when you think you’ve seen it all right?

  2. I really like Janelle too but I don;’t think she’s quite as good as the rest except probably Amber.

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