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American Idol Top 4 week recap (redux)

After the surprise non-elimination last week, American Idol fans find ourselves in an interesting situation. How much will this week’s votes adjust the results from last week? Will there be a different bottom two than the first go around? Will the elimination be a surprise? We’ll just have to wait to find out. But in the meantime, here’s what I think of last night’s show in combination with the week before.

Kree on American Idol Top 4

Kree Harrison singing “Stormy weather” Courtesy of

Performances: Here’s how I rank last night’s first performances:

1. Kree

2. Candice

3. Angie

4. Amber

Last night’s second performances:

1. Candice

2. Kree

3. Angie

4. Amber

Week overall (with brief commentary):

1. Kree – Her first song was smooth and meaningful with a heartfelt tone. In the second one she projected a cool, classic feel and it was very good overall.

2. Candice – Unusual song choice in the first round but the vocals worked out well. She gave a cool throwback vibe in round two for a very strong performance. 

3. Angie – Her first performance was hauntingly beautiful and simple yet powerful. She followed it up with something sweet and simple for a job well done.

4. Amber – The first song was nice in the softer parts but she struggled with the power notes. The second song had nice vocals with only a few misses but it was a bit boring.

Final thoughts on past two weeks:

While Angie seemed to fall off just a bit this week, her talent is so amazing that it might not matter in the end. Amber surely benefited the most from last week’s non-elimination. However, it seems that it might not be enough. I really think Kree has stepped up her game over the last few weeks and with the likely added support of Janelle fans, she could be in great shape at this point. While Candice had a rough week last week, she came back strong last night and  might have brought herself out of the bottom two. All in all though, I don’t expect too much variation in the results from last week. But then again, who knows what could happen. We’ll just have to wait to find out.

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