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Where can a store my photos?

As an artistic photographer , I can assure you that it is vital to have options and resources for online storage of your work. Of course you want to have your work stored in places like external/portable hard drives and possibly on digital media like CDs (for the old-school among us) or flash drives. But it’s also quite beneficial to have your images in an online storage utility for a number of reasons.

Some such reason include:

1. Easy of ability to transfer and share files with others.

2. No need to buy excessive physical storage devices.

3. This makes for a great backup in case of the failure of your hard drives or portable media.

And while there are many options out there, a lot of them can be rather pricey. But here are a few that will serve the purpose and cost you nothing at all.


This Yahoo! owned site is easy to use, visually professional and now allows for 1 Terabyte of free storage!



While essentially a photo printing company, Shutterfly let’s you store images and even create sites and communities of sorts.



While limited in the amount of storage available, it’s not a bad option either.


Google Drive:

Started as a storage/sharing utility associated with Gmail, this tool allows for 15GB of free storage.

Google Drive

Picasa Web Albums:

Also a Google owned tool, it’s easy to use and makes downloads simple.

Picasa web albums

Hopefully one or more of these sites will help you in your search for a quality storage option on the Internet.


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