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When we think of art…

our first thoughts probably go to the genres of painting, sculpting, drawing, artistic photography, films and music. But of course, there is a lot more to the arts than just these few areas. One creative skill and art that I have a close connection with (my mother does this sort of work) is cake decorating.

If you stop and think about it, this discipline takes a lot of skill, patience and a visual quality very much on par with any other category you can think of.

The cake decorator’s canvas and  medium are soft and delicate and require a special touch. And the very fact that the artist knows that his or her creation will not be preeminent, as that it is designed to be eaten, really takes a special level of dedication to what one is doing.

Just for your enjoyment, here are a few shots of cake creations by my mother. I hope you like them.

FYI – She once finished 4th place in a worldwide competition.

cake decorating

icing flowers

happy birthday

cake for fall

pretty cake


Comments on: "Creating art with cake as your canvas" (1)

  1. My Mom did this and taught others to as well. Funny I never had a store bought cake till I was 49 🙂

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