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So, I am currently visiting my brother in the wonderful state of North Carolina. And while here, I’ve had the opportunity to experience my most recent dose of rural living. The small town in which he lives has a weekly concert (usually bluegrass or country) every Friday during most of the summer. And while attending one session, I ran into one of the neighbors and during the course of conversation he mentioned an interest in County Rap which sounds like something completely fictional. But you know what, it’s real. This got me thinking about a few genres that probably don’t seem like they go together but exist nonetheless. In fact, in some cases, they’ve even become rather mainstream and produced very popular artists.

Here are just a few examples of such musical styles and the artists that fall into them.

Country Rap

This style seems to combine two completely different worlds and cultures. Also sometimes called hick-hop, the emergence of this genre is sometimes credited to artist Bubba Sparxxx staring around 2001. More recently Cowboy Troy has been a rather notable figure while some other bands include The Lacs and Boondox.

Bubba Sparxxx

Pop Punk

While pop is by it’s nature, popular among the masses, punk has often been considered counter culture. But it turns out that sometimes , you can actually be a little rebellious and somehow still sort of mainstream. The princess on Pop Punk is Avril Lavigne and a few others categorized in this style are Blink 182, Paramore and No Doubt. 

avril lavigne

Christian Rock

With the origin of rock in the 1950’s, much of America and the rest of the world was outraged. Many even considered it evil. Back then who would have thought that Christian music could have ever merged with this rebellious style? Lots of people and bands apparently. Some of which include Jars of Clay, Reliant K and Fireflight.

Jars of Clay


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