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On the most basic level…

one can generically define a self portrait as am image create of one’s self, most likely through photography, painting or drawing. But that definition would be a little simplistic and this ultimately wrong.

One of the newest trends in our ever more digital world is the taking of selfies. And in case you’ve been living under a rock, those as quick, self-shot snaps with the camera operator as the subject. And while these can be cute, fun, sexy or whatever else, I believe there is a big gap between these images and actual self portraits. Here are a few reason why:

Self Portraits:

The photographer usually uses an SLR or a bridge camera as opposed to a compact one.


Are most commonly shot on cell phones or sometimes with compact cameras that can fit in your pocket.

Self Portraits:

The artist uses a tripod or is otherwise separated from the camera while creating his or her picture.


The photographer holds the camera out in front of themselves and it’s often obvious they are doing so.

Self Portraits:

Are generally well planned and often require special tools and lighting.


Are usually sort of spontaneous and do not usually involve any special equipment.

Self Portraits:

Tend to emphasize the artistic.


Tend to be more about having fun.

selfie and self portrait


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  1. Fantastic! Well said

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