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and creative personality in general, I have come to meet a lot of people. And I don’t mean just in passing. I mean I’ve made connections and learned to understand how people who may not necessarily look or act like your “typical” person can be truly amazing despite negativity or discrimination that is often sent their way.

While there are many subcultures out there, for the sake of brevity and getting straight to the point, I’m going to delve into two specifically – Goth and Rave, which can sometimes overlap somewhat.

Goth Subculture

Even today, in our increasingly less judgmental society, a lot of people associate Gothic culture and style with evil and just about anything that that term might bring to mind. The fact is that this notion is far from the truth. As a matter of fact, Goth’s are really just like everybody else when in many ways, not really differing from the general population. Sure, many of them tend to have an appreciation for some of the darker elements of life, but what’s so wrong with that? In fact, I tend to think knowing the darker things more intimately helps one to appreciate, love and greater respect the brighter side of life. Perhaps this is why some elements of the subculture mix bright, vivid colors into the stereotypical all black wardrobe. Ponder this fr a moment – The brightest Sunlight also produces the darkest shadows.

Rave Subculture

Sadly and mostly due to misleading media coverage, the rave scene is often looked upon as nothing more than a series of drug-filled and sexually promiscuous events. That’s like saying that every Italian is affiliated with the Mofia, it’s outlandish and over exaggerating. Did you realize that one of the major notions within the Rave culture is a the acronym PLUR which stands for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect? This simple yet profound concept is a far try from the mainstream media view and in fact is the type of attitude or approach to life that could very well help make this troubled world a better place.

The bottom line is that the old adage still holds true today. You should never judge a book by its cover.

goth and rave


Comments on: "An artist’s defense of Goth and Rave subculutures" (3)

  1. i agree totally. being narrow-minded, critical, and harsh towards people who just want to carry themselves a certain way is so uncalled for. thanks for sharing your views with people (:

  2. writingthebody said:

    Goth means so many things, but i do get that you are talking about now….think that if we rule out the original Goths (who admittedly did make things at times, but broke more than they made), then I agree – Gothic novels, films….and then after the 1980s, music that started in the new wave. I mean the music is and was great, and the look is fantastic. Marilyn took it furthest perhaps, but I loved the MCR look, and sound actually too, and well, it seems to be endlessly creative, and I just adore it.

  3. writingthebody said:

    I agree with you….mind you I think you know that already. These subcultures are really creative, beautiful. I love the Goth look….just love it. And i get what you say about rave culture as well. Thanks….we need to be open to people’s efforts to express inner feelings….and indeed to express feeling at all.

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