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What exactly is a GWC?

In photography circles, especially when it comes to working with models, many photographers work hard to be professional and produce high quality work. However, a few bad apples sometimes give the rest of us a bad name. These are sometimes what has been granted the acronym GWC.

So what is a GWC?

It is short for the term “Guy With Camera” (although in rare occasions I suppose it could apply to females as well). As Urban Dictionary defines it – “Commonly used in the modelling/photographer biz, ‘GWC’ is any poser/creep with a digital camera pretending to be a pro/semi-pro photographer.”


This is not a bad definition but a little more needs to be addressed here. The basic facts are that a guy (or girl) with camera is:

  1. Is primarily interested in getting their subject naked or scantly clad with no real regard for art.
  2. Is overall unprofessional in their approach.

This means that a GWC can be a photographer of any skill level or experience using any type or camera, including very high end ones.

Conversely,  a professional attitude and artistic outlook can make even those with less experience and a low end camera or equipment not a GWC.

The basic lesson here is two-fold:

For models –

Avoid working with GWCs

For photographers –

Avoid being one


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