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Raining Poetry: The Literary Sidewalks of Boston

Most people realize that the city of Boston is known for many historic events and individuals but it might come as a surprise to people that one of the oldest cities in the country has also been the home of some of the great authors and poets of our time.

This unique video shows just how the city is now showcasing it.


Coming Soon, my new e-book – Tools For Your Creative Side

Over the years I have needed to find ways to do things online for creative purposes and on a budget.  Many times, I find that the easier the tool is to use, the better. With that in mind, I have compiled a large number of resources to help anyone with a little tech ability and desire to be creative to do just that.

This listing will be the theme of my fourth e-book which I hope to have out later this year with the current title of  Tools For Your Creative Side.

It will provide sources to help with anything from animation, to audio, to photo editing and file converting. More to come later.



Age Old Creative Debate – Is Jewelry An Art?

There is little doubt that jewelry is often quite artistic. The colors, the shapes and just the thought that goes into design is often intense and creative. However, just because something is artistic in nature ma not mean that it is or should be classified as an art. Perhaps it should be viewed as a craft? Or maybe it should even be in it’s own unique class.

What are your thoughts?


Drawing for the Greater Good

Sitting my the living room with the television on, I’ve noticed some commercials for the Microsoft Surface lately showcasing a man who uses the system to draw police sketches in an effort to help to catch the bad guys. Anyway, this got me thinking.

ADVANCED FOR USE FOR MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014 AND THEREAFTER Dallas Police Detective Dan Town stands in front of some of his composites he has drawn recently to help solve crimes in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at Dallas Police Department Headquarters. The craft of sitting down with a witness to a crime, listening to the witness' description of the culprit, and producing an accurate sketch that can help lead to an arrest is a dying one. (AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News, David Woo)

Dallas Police Detective Dan Town stands in front of some of his composites.

Sure, as artistic people we like to think our work contributes to the world in some way or another. And, in general, I do believe it does. That being said, some artists specifically work in concrete ways to promote the greater good of the world and I commend them.

Do you yourself do this or know anyone who does?

Photo Shoot Ideas for Photographers and Models


This one is pretty open as that it can cross a wide variety of things. It may include favorite personalities from movies, video games or books and comics but it’s fun and can help your shots stand out.

Here’s an example I did with a young lady based on the character of Sheldon Copper from the “Big Bang Theory’ series.



These ladies are both beautiful and mysterious so to capture their essence is a challenge in art and sophistication.

This is an example of a shot I did with a stunning young lady based on this timeless theme.



These are both challenging and simplistic. Getting the settings right and the lighting takes some work but you don’t need to worry about any retouching.

This example is one I shot in a window years back.



The tough nerd, the punk business-woman…those are just a few examples of how you can use completely different things to come together to make really cool photos.

This one from a while back mixed business with urban blight.



Last but not least, anything to do with flowing water can help to build a stunning photograph.

Here’s one I did with a wonder alt model right in Downtown Pittsburgh.


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