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As a member of a number of groups geared toward the art of photography on Facebook and Google Plus, I’ve come to find that there truly are varying levels of professionalism among the ranks.

First off, let me state what may be obvious to some but not so much to others regarding the concept of being a professional. While some may think that the essence of professionalism is getting paid for the work you do, that in and of itself does not make one professional.

For example, if your cousin shoot shoots wedding pictures for you as a favor and you pay him $250, that dos not make him a professional any more than Michael Phelps was technically an “armature” swimmer during the Olympics. It’s so much more than this and these are the keys in my opinion.

Pros should have these qualities:

1. Carry on appropriate relationships with any collaborators

2. Get their work done in a timely manner

3. Do not consistently show late for events

4. Do not cancel without good reasons or at the last minute or simply don’t show up.

5. Responsive when people try to contact you by phone email.

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