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Unique Ideas for Photoshoots

Now that the temperatures are getting milder and the weather is more compliant, there are a lot more options to do model and portrait photography outdoors. But sometimes, you will still want to utilize an indoor location. If you don’t have one of your own, and don’t have the resources to pay to rent a fully set-up location, here are a few creative ideas that might work.


While you will always want to be sure to ask management, many stores will allow you to shoot photos as long as you aren’t a disruption for customers. I know someone who recently shot a model at major craft retailer Michael’s. I’ve also come across some shots done in a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.


These areas can allow for a sophisticated and intellectual feel in your shots and so long as you aren’t doing anything inappropriate or making a lot of noise, there are usually a lot of empty areas  that nobody will mind if you use.


Subway Stations, Bus Stations, Train Stations, oh my. These spaces can give you a candid vibe and often have interesting (but sometimes challenging) lighting.


Easy to access most of the time, free to hang around, often empty.

Light Travels – A Poem


Did you know
That the light
Travels across the plains
And across the seas?
Did you know
That the beams
Touch the heart of you
And the mind of me?

The rays that flow through all
No matter the blocks
The darkness can’t hold them
Let this be the truth
A connection to all
Beyond space and time
Meant for all creatures
Refined and uncouth

When Artists Need A Bit of Legal Help

At some time or another during their career, quite a few artists may encounter a situation in which they may end up involved in legal battles. It may be an issue of copyright or contract disputes or really any sort of thing that can occur regarding your work or a buyer.

Basically, it’s beneficial to prepare for any problems that may come around by doing some research into such things and possibly even looking for an experienced lawyer.

Dana Miller, one such lawyer, is offering a course designed to help artists learn some of the basics. The trianing is called “Empowered IP” and you can read the details of this intellectual property course on the official website. The class is scheduled to have the first session on May 2 and will be available online.

It’s always nice to know the most you possibly can about how to protect your creative works.

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