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Posing – An Essential Part of Working With Models

Artists from photographers to painters to those who draw and craft sculptures often share one thing in common. They use models to develop their pieces. And while simply creating works based on a model is technically simple, in reality, that is not always the case. In fact, many artists run the risk of missing one of the simplest yet most essential parts of the process – having the model posed in a proper and artistic position.

In a prior article, I mentioned the PoseMuse series of books by author Justin R Matrin. I felt that the essential information provided was something I should reiterate.

You can visit the author’s site directly at or check out the different formats you can order on Amazon.

While geared toward drawing, the poses can work for pretty much any type of artist activity.



Exciting New Venture

As many of the people who follow this blog know, I have a background in writing and it has always been my first creative love. That being said, I have taken the chance to work with an outlet called Vocal Media and will be posting some longer pieces there.

I would appreciate it if you take the time to stop by their website and read my work once in a while.

Here’s a link to my articles so far –

Overcast (A Poem)

While overcast skies may not inspire
Or be your cup of tea
Nature has mysterious ways
Of showcasing her beauty

For when the clouds float by
We appreciate the clear days more
And always have a unique canvas
Never seen before

And when the morning dawns
Or the sun settles into sleep
The pastel creations before our eyes
Are artworks truly deep

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