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The Visual Marvels of Galbraith Saunders

Every once in a while we come across an artist with that special something, a visual appeal that is hard to describe yet captivates our imaginations and peaks our emotions in some way. This is the case with Galbraith Saunders.

Samples of his work:

A student based out of London, Ontario in Canada, his skills range across the felids of concept building, branding, corporate identity design, digital illustration, photography, photo manipulation, tattoo design, web design, and album art.

You can find his work on Instagram and contact him for commisions if interested.





Water Trick for Photographers

Have you ever wondered how a photographer makes a scene in his or her studio that appears to include water? Sometime it might look like a pond or river of some sort. Well, there is actually a very creative DYI hack for that.

All you will need it:

  1. Aluminum foil
  2. Blue paint

Optional – A coating to put over the paint for shine

Step 1

Rolls out the aluminum on the surface you need to make look like it is some form of water and them cut it to that size.

Step 2

Put it down on a surface suitable to use for painting.

Step 3

Paint a light coating of blue paint over it not worrying if you don’t cover it completely. In fact, small areas of uncover space may be helpful for your scene.

Step 4

Wait until it dries.

Step 5 (Optional step)

Either add a layer of clear coating over it for glossy feel.

When completed you can put this in your scene and using the right settings and lighting, it will look like water.


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