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Super Easy and Affordable Christmas Decor

This time of year is often associated with a busy schedule and frantic attempt to get things done before December 25 when we should be taking the time to enjoy the season. Decorating can play a big role in that self-generated chaos.

Whether it be the cost of store bought decorations, which can be very expensive, or the ability to find something that will fit your own unique style, it can sometimes be quite a task.

Well, let me give you a tip for a simple type of decoration that not only won’t break the bank but won’t even endanger that cute little piglet holding your spare change.

Two things that pretty much everybody has laying around their home is either toilet paper or paper towels. And, what do these two things have in common? If you guessed that the come on a cardboard roll, you’re on the right track.

Save your cardboard rolls, or even collect them from friends and family. Cut the large paper towel version in half as needed. Wrap the roll with any old wrapping paper, or even a colored cello wrap. Leave a couple of inches on the ends and either use tape or some string to tie the ends closed. In less than a minute, you’ve got yourself a Do It Yourself ornament that looks like a classic piece of candy.

Have fun and enjoy this special time of year.

The Shore (A Poem)

My latest piece, hope you like it.

The Shore

I’ve been to many places

But this is where I have to be

I’ve encountered many faces

But yours is the only one I need to see

There’s a desperation in this world

That needs healing at its core

So may you be its soothing ocean

As it rolls gently to the shore



Another Fantastic Social Site for Artists

It’s been around for years and has a bit of an old-school reputation but as a person who recently signed up with Reddit, I can tell you that it has a lot of communities to benefit artists. You should check it out.

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