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Toilet paper is a hot commodity right now. I bet you never thought you hear that phrase. But, while toilet paper is a bit scarce, most of us have tried to stock up. That brings us to the question of what to do with all those toilet paper rolls when the tissue itself is gone from them. Sure, we can just toss them out or put them into some recycling bin. But, if you want to get a little creative, especially if you have children, there are lots of interesting things you can do with those rolls.

You can get out the hot glue gun and glue them together side by side. If you want to go with a safer and less messy route, you can use velcro or double-sided tape or even duct tape wrapped around both roles to attach them together easily. And just like that, you’ve got yourself cheap and easy pair of imaginary binoculars.

You can also take a string or a piece of rope that is three to four feet long, or whatever length you choose, tie a pen, pencil, small stick or really anything else you have around the center of one end. Place rollers through the other end allowing the first one to be stopped by the stick and adding more to go up the string as far as you like. Now, you have something that can be used as either a toy snake that slithers as you pull the string or you can paint or draw on the tubes to make them look like train cars and drag the string along the ground like an imaginary train.

You always have the option to make ornaments or decorations. For the summer time or holidays like the 4th of July, you can color them or cover them in a red with paint or craft paper put bright yellow and orange tissue paper coming out one end and attach a black pipe cleaner inside so that it sticks out an inch or two from the top of the tube and you have yourself firecracker decoration to enjoy.

A different spin on this candy Christmas ornaments made to look like wrapped candies. All you really need to do is get some cellophane paper and in various colors and cut it into pieces to wrap around the tube leaving a couple of inches on each side. Wrap those two sides and secure them with tape or string and you have yourself candy decorations.

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