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Hope Dream Art by the Outstanding Jennifer Burton

I previously put up a poem by a talented young lady Jennifer Burton.  But, writing is sort of a side thing for her at the moment as opposed to her primary focus as a visual artist.

Her style is often whimsical in nature and makes use of a variety of colors for a warm and engaging feel. Here are a few samples of her work.

Pleasant Surprise

Rainbow Rain

Lucky Elephant

You should stop by her Etsy store Hope Dream Art to take a peek at her work.

Not a Painter But…

I love art, and while I write, work with photography and do some graphic design, I will not say that I can paint. Even so, that doesn’t stop me from messing around with it and as such, I wanted to share these two recent pieces I completed that have been something of a tribute to those essential workers during the pandemic. Please feel free to share.

Rise of the Everday Angel – Watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper

Heroes – Acrylic on watercolor paper

Monthly Photo Contest for July

As I have mentioned in a recent post, I am holding a monthly contest for readers to try to guess the subject of a photo. Check out the specifics here.

This is the first photo. Post your comments as to what you think it is and at the end of the month, a winner will be selected for the prize of his or her choice. If nobody gets it correct, which I am thinking is the most likely scenario, the closest guess will be the winner for the month.

Good luck!

24 Colours Acrylic Flip Cup – Amazing Abstract Painting

Abstract Photography

A few samples of some abstract photography I’ve done lately. To see more, you can check out some of the photos at Three Rivers Creative Arts today.

My new artsy adventure – Christmas Ornametns

After all, it is that time of year.

I came up with the idea and gave it a go and here’s what I ended up with as the final product.

Shameless plug, I’m selling these if you’re interested.

Handmade, original and unique, featuring a clear plastic construction so they aren’t going to be shattering or breaking easily. I do 3 or less color options for them. Each includes a one of a kind Jackson Pollock style (Action Painting a form of Abstract Impressionism) design that can be anything from the colors of your favorite sports team to a nation’s flag or business logo.

The Soap Art of Thomas Blanchard

If you don’t know Thomas Blancard yet, you’ll want to after seeing this incredible piece of video. He’s a talented film director that has even had his work featured in a commercial for the latest iPhone!

What happens when you mix paint, oil and liquid soap? This video shows the wonderfully stunning result.

Jessica Haas, the First Female Speed Painter in the US

If you have’t heard of this young lady, you really need to discover her talent. This video will show you just what she does:

Kurtis Sinclair and Transitory Art

Do you remember when you where young and doodled in the pages of your notebook during class? Or perhaps you even do it as an adult when in a rather mundane conference or the like. Well, artist Kurtis Sinclair takes this concept to a new level with what he calls transitory art.

Check out these examples:

According to Sinclair, he leaves index card drawings all over the city like an Easter bunny hides eggs.

And he sees his work as the kind of juvenile distraction you find in the margin of a math textbook.

He doesn’t claim to be the best artist but that’s not necessarily his purpose. The goal is to offer a sense of creative entertainment.

You can see some of his stuff on the Transitory Art Instagram page and visit the official site at


Eclectic Artist Jessi Pettit

Many artists tend to specialize in one medium, and sometimes even a subgroup within that. Jessi Pettit is not one of those artists. You can see her work under the name CLR SPLSH Designs which includes some unique abstract photography along with colorful and vibrant painted works.

Here are some samples of her work:

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