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It’s All Wrong (A Poem)

My newest poem, it’s a bit dark but sometimes we need to get things out.

It’s All Wrong

Loathe everything you are
Because it’s all wrong
Under the instruction
Of the misguided throngs

Judge yourself
Though “you shall not judge”
Encage yourself
In the mind’s own grudge

They say not to bother at all
With the superficial side
But this is the path
On which they stride

Hide your words
Hide your thoughts
Listen only
To what you’ve been taught

Wildebeest By Jennifer Burton

This poem is from the talented artist and writer Jennifer Burton. You can find her on Instagram and check out her shop on Etsy.


I’ve been dying for a long time
and I’m not talking about the decaying kind that we are all doing


I’m talking about daily dying death


Roadkill: The way we feel it until we don’t


I’m talking about coloring in the lines


I’m talking about how filth is human and a human is filthy but so very blessed with showers and toilets, soap, trash cans and landfills
Dust equals dirt, but dirt was dead skin first, and dead skin was once you and you were once alive


I’m talking about how you were once a howling wolf
Then turned jealous of howling wolves
Then turned fearful of howling wolves
Then turned indifferent


I’m talking about the death of the wildebeest
Born when you were born, when I was born
Born howling at the moon, scared and angry,
but mostly fierce and shining
like a firefly
if a firefly was also a sun


Now what have we become?


I’ve been dying for a long time, and decay is not the worst kind of death
The worst kind of death?
is when the beast quits rearing its ferocious, ugly head and you start to think life is a paint by number, that ducks really do belong in a row, that a family belongs in a house and a house belongs in a world made bigger and better-faster-stronger by the dollar and sweat off your back


I’m talking about roadkill
Coloring in the lines
streets upon streets empty of wild beasts running, drumming, howling


With brass knuckles, celebratory trumpets, gloriously bloody knees


You did this to yourself
You breathe in the trees and give all your air to gossip, meaningless lists and plans
You take it all for your stupid lungs and give nothing to anything real or burning


Lambs lie down before slaughter
But no one can slaughter the wildebeest
Only beat it into a shadow
that would still roar had it one breath
To breathe

Above The Crowds Below (A Poem)

Above The Crowds Below

I hover above the crowds below
Looking up with glee
Though I only stay a second or two
They have come here just for me

Then I come back in increments
In different shades of light
To build an artwork among the stars
And to brighten up the night

Serving as a reflection
Of sacrifices long ago
I am the fusion of sight and sound
The most incredible show

The Mind of a Poet

These are the front and back inside cover areas of the very first notebook of poetry I wrote from the late 1990s-early 2000s. This is where I jotted my initial ideas and lines that came to me and figured I’d like to share them with you.

My First Children’s Book

If you are a fan of this blog you probably know that writing has always been my first creative love and as such I have published a few books and e-books. Until now, all of these publications came in the form of poetic works, how-to guides or photography. Well, having worked in childcare for more than a decade, and now having an amazing and inquisitive niece, I’ve decided to do something I’ve been pondering for a while, write my first children’s book.

It wasn’t easy but the text is completed and the illustrations by the talented M.K. Hughes are in the works. The title is “Hugs and Lightning Bugs” and it should be available in the near future. I’ll keep you updated.

Overcast (A Poem)

While overcast skies may not inspire
Or be your cup of tea
Nature has mysterious ways
Of showcasing her beauty

For when the clouds float by
We appreciate the clear days more
And always have a unique canvas
Never seen before

And when the morning dawns
Or the sun settles into sleep
The pastel creations before our eyes
Are artworks truly deep

Light Travels – A Poem


Did you know
That the light
Travels across the plains
And across the seas?
Did you know
That the beams
Touch the heart of you
And the mind of me?

The rays that flow through all
No matter the blocks
The darkness can’t hold them
Let this be the truth
A connection to all
Beyond space and time
Meant for all creatures
Refined and uncouth

Unforgotten – A Poem

Your truth echos
In the ever gentle breeze
With each September Recurring
Preserving what is free

Your names etched
Deep into hardened stone
Saving lives of many
In sacrificing your own

Now who could ask for more?
Love truly crushing hate
With colors flying proudly
As they accepted fate

We owe you so much
A debt we cannot repay
For the selfless acts of courage
On that late summer day

Blackout Poetry By Induco

If you’ve never heard the terms “Blackout Poetry,” this post has something cool in store for you.

No, Blackout Poetry doesn’t have anything to do with drunkenness as the sillier readers might have assumed. It’s all about a process that sounds simple but is actually quite complex.

As the artist that goes by Inducto calls it, the idea is to black out pages of text leaving only specific terms and phrases that create a new story.

Check out some of her work on Patreon and in the pictures here:

Ongoing Battle – A Poem

Ongoing Battle

At one moment split
At another I’m whole
While an ongoing battle
Rages in my soul

Is this too much for me?
I sometimes think so
But at others the fight in me
Screams out “hell no”

It’s a torture of sorts
A test, this is sure
But one I must face
For relief to secure

Now knowing all this
What do I do from here?
I do not run from the world
But rather destroy my fear


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