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The artistry of clothing in modern subcultures

As you may know, a good bit of my work as a photographer focuses on models that seem to fall into one of the wider categories of three major subculture. These would be Goth, punk and emo. Well recently, I decided to do a photo shoot with an amazing young lady that also fits into an alternative culture in that she is an avid raver. That being the case, I’ll include that into the mix as well.


goth fashion

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punk fashion

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rave fashion

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EDM DJ Akasha

While many people where in likely in the process of recuperating from the the shopping madness that is Black Friday on the evening of November 25, the party was just getting underway at an Electronic Dance Music event in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

And at 10 p.m. that night, a multi-talented and highly creative friend of mine made her debut as DJ Akasha.

In the days since, she’s received rave reviews and undoubtedly has a bright future in the scene.

Check out the photos below from her debut.


Photo courtesy of her Facebook account


Photo courtesy of her Facebook account



Photo courtesy of her Facebook account



Photo courtesy of her Facebook account



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