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Shooting a Video with a World War 1 Lens (100 years old)

It’s always too to see art and technology from two different eras come together. I found this video posted on a social media site and thought it was too cool not to share with CD readers.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Off To The Side (A Poem)

He stands off to the side
The left side
She stands off to the side
Just like him
They like it there
Away from the rest

They are angry
They are frustrated
And melancholic
And enraged

Whether the best of times
Or the worst
Always the same

Their hope is in hopelessness
Their joy in misery
It’s all they know
And this what they crave

It must be
The most pitied of existences


Monthly Photo Contest for August (Let’s Try This Again)

This was for July but I guess the subject matter was so difficult that nobody wanted to take a try.

Post your comments as to what you think it is and at the end of the month, a winner will be selected for the prize of his or her choice. If nobody gets it correct, the closest guess will be the winner for the month.

Here are the prize options:

Your choice of e-books from these titles

Optical Artistry

Making Beautiful Photography: A Guide for the Novice and the Enthusiast

Pesky Shadows, Pretty Shadows: A Guide To Lighting In Photography

Good luck!

Relaxing Watercolor Painting

Audio Book Version of “Hugs and Lightning Bugs”

There is now an official audiobook version of my first Children’s Book “Hugs and Lightning Bugs” and it can be ordered exclusively at The cost included a version of the e-book copy with it.

The narration is voiced by the talented singer,  actress and artist Sarah Puhala as referenced in the post “A Season of Song” By Sarah Puhala


Owl Watercolour Painting

“A Season of Song” By Sarah Puhala

Sarah Puhala is a talented actress, singer and director who I have had the please of knowing for several years. Sarah got her she has B.A. in Theatre Arts from the Conservatory of Performing Arts at Point Park University and has a resume that would blow your socks off. So, to say she is an artist would be a massive understatement.

Only recently, however, did Sarah decide to venture into something a little different. She took a shot at using some art supplies previously owned by her late Aunt Mary. And the result is spectacular!

Take a look for yourself at the artwork she titled “A Season of Song” drawn by this young lady who modestly suggests that drawing is not her specialty.

And for more on Sarah and her work, you can check out her official website at and you can find her on the IMDB too.

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