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The Wearable Work of Renee Boyett


Renee Boyett


Central Oregon

Where can people see and order your work online?:

There are several places but the profile at Deviant Art ChaosFay has the most extensive content. You can also visit under my name or Esty at Nay-Nay Macrame.

Tell me about your work:

I’ve been creating macrame jewelry for 25 years now, starting when I was nine years old. I saw a girl in my class making a really neat bracelet and asked her to show me how she made it. I then started making friendship bracelets, but when I was around 13 or 14 my grandmother gave me a macrame book. In college, I expanded I started changing things from what I found in books and learned to create my own patterns and designs. It’s been a great way to relieve stress while creating something beautiful. For the past ten years, I’ve been participating in craft and art shows as well as conventions, selling my work and accepting commissions for custom-made pieces.

Piece titled: Wild Jade Growth

While I was in college I was able to refine my painting skills. I now create watercolor paintings, and my goal with those is to create something you could imagine in a dream or nightmare. Not realistic but at the same time recognizable. These I create on a whim, often taking up to a week from start to finish. My favorite things to paint are outer space and flowers. At some point, I’d love to have my paintings printed on quilt fabric I can use to create quilts featuring my own work.

Last, but not least, I’m a fourth generation quilter. I grew up around fabric, prints, colors, sewing, and quilting, and applied a lot of what learned growing up to my jewelry and paintings. In 2014 I had to take a three-year hiatus from jewelry making due to a ligament tear in my right wrist. I was able to make quilts and, with some lessons from my mother, I learned how to sew and quilt. In less than a year I went from making hot pads and table runners to a full-size quilt and several lap quilts.

In 2016 I had surgery on my wrist to repair the ligament tear that had been causing me so much pain. After many months of physical therapy, I was able to make jewelry again. I now have several jewelry commissions to work on and am accepting more. When not working on commissions I make things for myself or create quilted works.

Piece titled: Daning in the Moonlight

What does art mean to you?:

I rotate between all three of these to prevent burn-out and work through artist’s block. Creating and crafting is something I value more than nearly anything else. I can share a part of who I am and show people a piece of myself. It’s also been excellent therapy for me, both physically and mentally. I’m disabled due to physical and mental illnesses, and for the most part, have nothing but time on my hands. I’m up early in the morning, finish all the housework by 8am, and then have the entire day to find something to occupy myself. Boredom nearly ate me up during recovery from my surgery and for a couple months thereafter. It wasn’t until just a couple months ago that I could finally create macrame jewelry again without requiring an ice pack immediately thereafter. Now I’m rarely bored, and the rotation between all three of these – jewelry, quilting, and painting – has prevented me from injuring or irritating my wrist.
Piece titled: Autumn Bonfire
For me, this is a lifesaver. It’s helped me physically work through many of the things that have ailed me over the course of my life. If I’m feeling angry or frustrated I paint, when I need peace I quilt, when I’m joyful I make jewelry. It’s a good balance between mind, body, and spirit. Painting is my body, quilting is my mind, and jewelry is my spirit.

Remote Photography Sessions Are Now Available

For the first time, now offered exclusively by the arts services company Three Rivers Creative Arts, people can get professional photos taken from any location at any time! All you need is a reliable connection to the web and either a webcam or device with video camera like a cell phone.

The process includes a number of steps and a propriety cocktail of software and tools but it can be done quickly and easily at a rather reasonable rate.

Whether you need headshots for a model portfolio or just want some good ones to send to relatives, it can be arranged.

For more details, see the remote photography page.

Poor Man’s Copyright

If you have checked into getting any of your art or writing as being your copyright under the Library of Congress, you have probably notice that it can be expensive to do so. While technically, the moment you put pen to paper or make your work accessible in any tangible form, it is your property, it is not always so easy to prove it in court. So, what are your alternatives? Poor man’s copyright.

This technique, although not as official as the Library of Congress registration method, can help if you find yourself in a legal bind.

For written or physical materials:

Print a copy of your content and place it in an envelope or some other form of package and send it to yourself my postal mail. When it comes back to you, don’t open it unless needed in a legal battle as that the postmark on the package or envelop will indicate a date that will work as proof of copyright.

For digital materials:

While I’m not totally sure if this one applies, I assume it would make sense based on the aforementioned method.

Keep a record of your files and be able to show the creation date in your properties. Sure, the date modified will change but this will remain the same so long as you retain the original.


The Artistry of Kim Tucker’s Dream Catchers

I’ve always had a bit of a fascination with Native American culture. And of course, one of the most recognized things from this is the wonderfully designed dream catchers. Artist and craft enthusiast Kim Tucker has come up with some colorful and creative ones of her own and I had to share. She adds a new take on the style and it works out for a cool result. Check out some of them at the end of the post.

You can order her items, along with wire wrapping work, though her Etsy account called ZantiKamala today.

Fine Line Between Editing and Excess

Every person who is passionate about his or her photos will undoubtedly want o make them the best they can. This typically involves some photography editing. However, we can run the risk of over-editing if we are not careful.

The sample here has the real edit on the right and an exaggerated spin on it on the left to prove the point. The second shot is more natural and real while the first is over-saturated and doesn’t see nearly as genuine.


Here are a few things you can avoid to help prevent excess edits:

1 . Keep saturation as low as you can while still adding that vibrancy.

2 . Keep small imperfections so the subject doesn’t look fake.

3. Don’t do anything to adjust weight that distorts the people in the shot.

4. Be careful if you change a background.


Ongoing Battle – A Poem

Ongoing Battle

At one moment split
At another I’m whole
While an ongoing battle
Rages in my soul

Is this too much for me?
I sometimes think so
But at others the fight in me
Screams out “hell no”

It’s a torture of sorts
A test, this is sure
But one I must face
For relief to secure

Now knowing all this
What do I do from here?
I do not run from the world
But rather destroy my fear


Incredible Pyrography By Ashley Gadd

Have you ever heard of the art called pyrography? If you haven’t you’re really missing out on some cool things. This includes the work of our newest featured artistic personality, Ashley Gadd. Check out her stuff on Facebook under the name FringeandThings.

Basically, it is a pretty simple concept yet a pretty complex process with talent in the fields of drawing or design and woodworking. In the case of this individual, she uses her talents to etch detailed patterns and objects into wood. Here are some wonderful examples of her intricate work:




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