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Two Amazon apps for the creative minded

After making a recent music purchase on, I got an email from the site offering me a credit to use for the Amazon App Store. So, I figured, why not take a look.

I came across two apps that I ended up getting and would like to share with my creative readers.

Pencil Sketch Ad-free


While there are a lot of tools that are meant to allow for the user to convert his or her images into something that looks like a classic pencil sketch. But unlike like a lot of them, this one works easily with a good effect.

Easy Screen Recorder


This cool app allows you to do a video screen capture of your smart phone’s activity. It’s great for recording all sorts of things including info for art tutorials.

Got Inspiration?

Easy way to get inspired

So, a while back, I posted an article taking about the necessity of inspiration for artists. Whether your chose medium is painting, sculpture, performing arts of whatever the case may be, inspiration is essential.

Today, many of us use smart phones. And with smart phones comes the availability of various apps. One such app that can possibly help to get those creative juices flowing for Android users (I’m sure iphones have something similar) is simply called “Inspirational Quotes.”

It’s a free listing of a seemingly endless number of famous and inspirational quotes from some of the greatest thinkers, innovators and entertainers of all time. At the very least, something like this might help to kick start the flow of your creative juices.


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