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Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer

Guest post by Jess Wilson

With the current digital camera market and smart phones that take such good photos, is there really a reason to hire a professional photographer? Well you can have your friends be in charge of pictures or have your Uncle Joe do the pictures for you! Right?? Wrong…. Below are just some of the reasons why hiring a pro is a better choice.


An expensive camera does not automatically result in photographic skills.  PLEASE RE-READ THAT AND LET IT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE.

Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative has a high-speed, top quality digital camera doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing behind the camera. While quality equipment does help the average consumer improve their photography game, a professional photographer offers an artistic approach, creative eye and years of experience that cannot be purchased at a camera store.


Professional equipment has its perks.

Shooting with top of the range cameras and professional lighting equipment helps us to take the best shots, even in less than optimal circumstances. Capturing low light, nighttime and even high-speed action shots can be tricky for the amateur photographer but a professional knows what’s required to capture those types of shots. A true professional can spend anywhere from $10,000+ on their gear. They mean business! While gear alone does not equal amazing photos…. having quality equipment definitely can make a big difference.


Capturing the perfect candid images and Posing is our thing.

Ever tried to get friends and relatives, including kids, to stay still and pose for a big group shot? It’s easier said than done. Need a little inspiration for your own special portraits? A professional photographer can help. Photographers perform these tasks sometimes daily, so they have perfected the skills required to get the best results while making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera.


They’re hired!! It’s not personal!! 

Using a friend or family member to take your photos could mean missed moments. Think of all the drama in your relationship that may cause!! You’ll NEVER get that moment they missed back!! A professional photographer is exclusively hired to capture the day and won’t miss out on photos because they’re chatting with the other guests, grabbing a drink or dancing. Hiring a professional photographer guarantees they will capture as many perfect moments as possible.


The end result is part of the process.

Professional photographers not only capture your photos, they also edit and retouch images in order to achieve a beautiful finished product. A perfect moment stopped in time for all eternity, there in your hand. They can also assist with extras such as albums, custom prints and canvases. Here is where the eye for the details and knowing what to do about them comes in. You just won’t get the same quality from friends and family even if they are photo shop pros!

A note from the author:

If your worried about a professional costing you a house payment.. shop around! There are so many different photographers out there, offering so many different price points!!! If you’re located out in Utah County, I would love to chat details with you and be your photographer! I am your true to you life and family photographer in Spanish, Fork, Utah.


Modern Impressionist/Energy Artist Marie Santos

Regular visitors to this blog know that I like to highlight talented artists that I meet either in person or online to showcase their work. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Marie Santos.

Her work can be found at various location online including her social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram which can be reached through her official website Marie Santos Art.

Here are some samples of her art:

She has pieces for sale on her site but also accepts commission projects working with watercolor and oil paints.

Cool Free Video Maker and Editor

If you are looking for a video making and editing tool but don’t want to pay through the roof for it, there are a few options out there. But, based on my experience, I’d have to say one of the best is VSDC Free Video Editor. And yes, there is a decent free version.

Sure, there is a little learning required but you do a bunch with this program including placing videos side-by-side for viewing with a VR headset! It’s just a matter of experimenting and figuring out how.


MK Hughes Personal Art Projects (Part 2)

Here are some more of the projects from my talents artist pal, scenic designer, set designer and prop builder MK Hughes. You can check out me on her site

Book Review: ‘Poses for Artists Volume 1’—Dynamic and Sitting Poses

If you stop and think about it, the majority of book reviews focus on works of fiction and non-fiction, that are primarily text, with few or no visual elements. This one is an exception to that rule in that the book Pose Muse collection of titles, specifically Poses for Artists Vol.1 Dynamic and Sitting Poses by Justin Martin, is a guide to posing subjects for art enthusiasts.

The book is filled with 110 pages of poses, primarily geared toward those who work with pencil drawings, but its content can easily be adapted to other artwork. As the publication’s title states, the emphasis is on a couple of very different types of posing. Sitting poses, as a concept, are pretty simplistic. Naturally, they focus on the subjects being in a seated position. Dynamic poses may be a bit more of a term that is less familiar to novice artists, or those just getting into the arts. The term refers to a body position associated with movement. For example, it may deal with someone that looks to be in the activity of running or jumping.

Instead of simply showing poses in their completed form, the author provided his samples in the format of drawings, with lines and shapes that make up the structure of the final work, and can help those who need it to become more familiar with the underlying elements of drawing the human body. In that regard, it’s kind of like those learn to draw, type books that help readers with animals and dinosaurs. Perhaps you remember those as a child.

He uses vibrant samples, that avoid the boredom that can sometimes come with black and white drawing and posing guides. The use of such tones can also help to foster an interest in the arts in the first place.

As I stated, this guide does seem to be focused on drawing. However, there is no doubt that it can be applied to other artistic efforts. For example, as a photographer, I can see this as a valuable reference piece when it comes to posing a client for anything from basic portrait work to model photography, in order to build upon the current poses that you use or add some ideas for future sessions. Naturally, that can be adapted to have the same benefits for anyone who works with painting. The shapes and lines in the book can surely work as the basic outline that a painter uses to start the process of a new piece of artwork.

One of the best parts about this book is that it has value, not only for people across different types of art using different mediums to create their work, but also has something that can be of value to artists of all different skill levels. And as such, it can also work for a variety of ages. While I might not recommend it for really young children, I’d say anything from high school on would be appropriate.

All in all, this book, in either it’s digital or print format, is well worth the investment for anyone who is interested in learning to draw or pose their subject. And, if you are looking for more poses, the author also has volumes that go into how to work with poses for standing, fighting and working with couples among other things.

The author indicates that one of his primary goals is to get people to WANT to draw. The content he provides goes a long way in doing that.

The publication, available online at PoseMuse and through, is provided in both a traditional print format, and as an e-book for those who prefer their publications in digital format.

Foreign Tourists Image Bank – Royalist and Copyright free

The Foreign Tourists Image Bank had originally been housed on the social platform Facebook and while it still exists in that location, we no longer update it as that it was moved to Google+ instead. Now that Google+ is being discontinued, you can find it as MEWE and we’d be thrilled to see you join, view and contribute.


MK Hughes Personal Art Projects

These are some of the projects of the talented MK Huges, who I have had the pleasure of working with for the last couple of years and would highly recommend that you check out her work. Her website is

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